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Welcome to It's History! for today, Friday, August 26, 2016.

Events for today in history Birthdays  Deaths
0580 Chinese invents toilet paper
1278 Battle of Marchfeld: Rudolf van Habsburg defeats Ottokar II
1346 Battle at Crécy-England's longbows defeat France, cannons used for 1st time in battle
1541 Turkish sultan Suleiman occupies Buda/annexes Hungary
1545 Pope Paul III names his son Pierluigi Farnese, duke of Parma
1549 Battle at Dussingdale: John Dudley beats rebels
1629 Cambridge Agreement, Mass Bay Co stockholders agree to emigrate
1634 Battle at Nördlingen Bavarian: emperor Ferdinand II & Spain beat Sweden & German protestants
1641 West India Company conquerors Sao Paulo de Loanda, Angola
1648 People's uprising against Anna of Austria & Cardinal Mazarin
1652 Sea battle at Plymouth: Ayscue vs De Ruyter
1745 England, Prussia & Hannover sign treaty
1791 John Fitch grants US patent for his working steamboat
1794 French troops occupy Lock
1843 Charles Thurber patents a typewriter
1846 Felix Mendelssohn's "Elijah," premieres
1846 W A Bartlett appointed 1st US mayor of Yerba Buena (SF)
1863 Battle of Rocky Gap WV (White Sulphur Springs)
1873 1st kindergarten public school opens in St Louis
1874 16 blacks lynched in Tennessee
1883 -27] Krakatoa erupts with increasingly large explosions kills 36,000
1894 Social-Democratic Worker's party (SDAP) forms
1895 Electric central at Niagara Falls gives 1st steam
1896 Armenian revolutionairy assault on Ottoman Bank Constantinople
1903 Phillies walk 17 Dodgers in a game
1907 Houdini escapes from chains underwater at Aquatic Park in 57 sec
1909 Frank Tarrant scores cricket 145 & 13-67 for Middlesex v Gloucs
1909 Middlesex beat Gloucs (Bristol) by Inn & 31 in a single day
1912 32nd US Mens Tennis: M E McLoughlin beats W F Johnson (36 26 62 64 62)
1912 Walter Johnson's 16-game winning streak ends
1913 33rd US Mens Tennis: M E McLoughlin beats R N Williams (64 57 63 61)
1914 -9/10] Russian army atacks Austrian army in Galicia
1914 Battle of Tannenberg - 8th German army defeats Russian Narev army
1915 German troops over run Brest-Litovsk, Russia
1916 Phila A's Bullet Joe Bush no-hits Cleve, 5-0
1916 Yanks turn triple-play beating Browns 10-6
1918 W Smith & F Bacons "Lightnin'," premieres in NYC
1920 19th amendment passes-women's suffrage granted (about time!)
1920 Percy Fender (Surrey v Northants) scores 100 in 35 mins
1922 Japanese cruiser Niitaka leaves in storm at Kamchatka, 300 killed
1929 1st US roller coaster built
1930 Hack Wilson hits his 44th HR, breaks Chuck Klein's NL record
1933 Jan van Houten bicycles world record time (44,588 km)
1935 CCC camp opens in Brecksville Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks
1937 Franco's troops conquer Santander
1937 Pumping to build Treasure Island in SF Bay is finished
1938 British leaders & Arabians fight in Palestine
1938 Montreal Maroons dropped from NHL
1939 1st major league baseball telecast-Reds beat Bkln Dodgers (W2XBS NY)
1939 Belgium mobilizes
1939 Kroatia gets autonomous status
1940 RKC soccer team forms in Waalwijk
1942 7,000 Jews are rounded up in Vichy-France
1942 Japanse troops lands on New-Guinea, Milne Bay
1942 Russian counter offensive begins in Moscow
1942 Transport nr 24 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
1944 Bulgaria announces withdrawal & German troops are to be disarmed
1944 De Gaulle marches to Champs-Elysées
1944 US 12nd Army Corps crosses river Seine East of Paris
1945 Japanese diplomats board Missouri to receive instructions on Japan's surrender at the end of WW II
1946 George Orwell published "Animal Farm"
1947 1st black baseball pitcher Don Bankhead (Hit a HR on 1st at bat)
1950 39th Davis Cup: Australia beats USA in New York (4-1)
1951 Jongbloed in Paris demonstrates artificial heart
1952 Fluoridation of SF water begins
1955 1st color telecast (NBC) of a tennis match (Davis Cup)
1956 KREY TV channel 10 in Montrose, CO (CBS/NBC) begins broadcasting
1956 Marlene Bauer wins LPGA Denver Golf Open
1956 Yankees announce purchase of outfielder Enos Slaughter from KC
1957 USSR announces successful test of intercontinental ballistic missile
1961 Official Intl Hockey Hall of Fame opens in Toronto
1962 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Salt Lake City Golf Open
1962 Minn Twins Jack Kralick no-hits KC A's, 1-0
1963 W I beat England 2-1 in series, 1st holders of Wisden Cricket Trophy
1964 Italians CP selects Luigi Longo as chairman
1964 LBJ nominated at Democratic convention in Atlantic City, NJ
1966 Balt Orioles Roznovsky & B Powell are 4th to hit consecutive pinch HRs
1966 KLOC (now KCSO) channel 42 in Charlotte, NC (PBS) begins broadcasting
1967 Beatles, Mick Jagger & Marienne Faithful meet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
1967 Dean Chance pitches a 2-1 no-hitter, & Twins sweep Cleveland
1967 Dutch 2nd Chamber demands US stop bombing North Vietnam
1971 Dutch Queen Juliana & Prince Bernhard visit Indonesia
1971 NY Giant football team announces they're leaving Bronx for NJ in 1975
1971 Orioles' Don Buford struck out 5 times in a game
1972 20th Olympic games open at Munich German FR
1972 Leo Durocher replaces Harry Walker as manager of Astros
1972 NY Cosmos beat St Louis Stars, 2-1 to win NASL championship
1972 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1973 David Eisenhower writes his last sports column
1973 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA National Jewish Hospital Golf Open
1973 U of Tx (Arlington) is 1st accredited school to offer belly dancing
1973 10-year-old Mary Boitano is 1st woman to win 6.8-mile Dipsea Race in Marin County, CA, beating a field of 1,500 runners
1974 Guinee-Bissau becomes independent of Portugal
1974 Soyuz 15 carries 2 cosmonauts to space station Salyut 3
1977 Frank Martinus Arion forms Surinamese Writers group 77
1978 Cardinal Albino Luciani of Venice becomes Pope John Paul I
1978 Soyuz 31 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 East German) to Salyut 6
1979 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Patty Berg Golf Classic
1980 Pete Comita replaces Tom Peterson as bassist of Cheap Trick
1981 Space Shuttle vehicle moves to Launch Complex 39A for STS-2 mission
1981 Voyager 2 takes photo's of Saturn's moon Titan
1982 NASA launches Telesat-F
1984 Betsy King wins LPGA Columbia Savings Golf Classic
1984 Tatyana Kazankina of USSR sets 3k woman record (8:22.62) in Leningrad
1984 Zdena Silvaha (Cz) throws discus 74.55 m (women's world record)
1985 Balt Oriole Eddie Murray knocks in 9 RBIs in a game vs Calif Angels
1985 French government claims no knowledge of assault on Rainbow Warrior
1986 Rosa Mota wins Stuttgart female marathon (2:28:38)
1987 Paul Molitor goes 0-for-4 ends hitting streak at 39 consecutive games
1989 Trumbull Conn, is 1st US team since 1983 to win Little League WS
1990 2 slain college students found in Gainesville Florida
1990 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Northgate Golf Classic
1990 Bo Jackson hits 4th of 4 consecutive HRs
1991 Royal Brett Saberegen no-hits White Sox 7-0
1992 "Anna Karenina" opens at Circle in Sq Theater NYC for 46 performances
1995 Andrew Symonds hits 20 sixes in match for Gloucs v Glamorgan
1995 Lara completes 7th Test Cricket century, 179 at The Oval

Birthdays for today in history Events  Deaths
1596Frederik V, king of Bohemia (White Mountain)
1627Thomas Bullis, composer
1676Robert Walpole, (Whig) British PM (1721-42) [NS=Sept 5]
1687Willem the Fesch, Dutch violinist/composer (Joseph)
1726Karl Kohaut, composer
1728Johann Lambert, Switzerland, mathematician, proved ã is irrational
1740Joseph Montgolfier, France, aeronaut (ballooning)
1743Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, Paris, father of mod chemistry (Oxygen)
1745François Guichard, composer
1749Johann Ernst Rembt, composer
1788Aloys Schmitt, German music theory/composer/royal pianist
1811Danville Leadbetter, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1866
1813Nicaise de Keyser, Flemish painter (Battle of Guilder Tracks)
1819Albert "Bertie" von Saksen-Coburg-Gotha, husband of queen Victoria
1820James Harlan, (Rep-Iowa)/US Secretary of Interior (1865-66)
1823Wilhelm Troszel, composer
1825Jacobus J Backer, German sea historian
1828Erik Anthon Valdemar Siboni, composer
1833Charles Jackson Paine, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1835Theodore Washington Brevard, Brig General (Confederate Army)
1838John Wilkes Booth, actor/assassin (Pres Lincoln)
1842Heinrich I Quincke, German internist (Lumbaalpunctie)
1843George August Lumbye, composer
1850Charles Richet, French physiologist (anaphylaxis-Nobel 1913)
1870Aleksander Kuprin, Russian author (Pojedinok) [NS=Sept 7]
1873Lee De Forest, Council Bluffs, inventor (Audion vacuum (radio) tube)
1875John Buchan, Scotland, Gov-Gen of Canada/writer (Battle of Somme)
1880Guillaume Apollinaire, France, poet/movie critic (Alcoola)
1882James Franck, German naturalist (Nobel 1925)
1882Johannes Lindeboom, vicar/church historian (Neth Archives)
1884Earl Biggers, author ("Charlie Chan" detective series)
1885Jules Romains, France, novelist/playwright/poet (Men of Good Will)
1887Luis Abraham Delgadillo, composer
1890Tommy Andrews, cricketer (NSW & Aussie player of the 1920's)
1891Emmy van Lokhorst, Dutch author
1891Ferdinand Bruckner, [Theodor Tagger], Austrian playwright (Races)
1896Richard Hammond, composer
1898Peggy Guggenheim, art patron & collector
1899Rufino Tamayo, Mexican painter
1901Gen Maxwell D Taylor, former US Army chief of staff
1901Jan de Quay, Dutch minister of war/premier (KVP, 1959-63)
1901Tullio Campagnolo, Italy, bicycle manufacturer (Fiat)
1903Jimmy Rushing, US blues singer
1904Christopher W Bradshaw-Isherwood, Brit/US writer (Goodbye to Berlin)
1906Albert B Sabin, Russia, US microbiologist (oral polio vaccine)
1908Bill Hunt, cricketer (NSW slow left-armer, Test for Australia 1933)
1909Eric Quail Davies, cricket pace bowler (5 Tests for S Africa 1935-39)
1909Frank Gasparro, Phila Pa, US chief engraver (1965-81)
1911Lester Lanin, orchestra leader (40 Beatle Hits)
1913Cees de Lange, Dutch conferencier
1913Robertson William Davies, novellist essayist/dramatist
1913Tschakowski, writer
1914Julio Cort zar, Argentina, writer (We Love Glenda So Much)
1915Gré [Gerarda D] Brouwenstijn, Dutch singer
1915Humphrey Searle, England, writer (20th Century counterpoint)
1915Jim Davis, Edgerton Mo, actor (Jack Ewing-Dallas)
1915William Bardwell, composer
1916Allan Leslie Merson, historian
1917Jan Clayton, Tularosa NM, actress (Ellen Miller-Lassie)
1917William French Smith, Attorney General (1981-85)
1918Louis W "Louis" Stotijn, bassoonist/conductor (Residence Orchestra)
1919Ronny Graham, Phila Pa, actor (Bob Crane Show, Chico & the Man)
1921Ben Bradlee, Boston, editor/journalist/executive (Washington Post)
1921David Begelman, film producer
1921William Preston, Columbia Penn, actor (Fisher King, Waterworld)
1922Lazar Nikolov, composer
1927François Leydet, sierra club (Last Redwoods)
1927Sam Massell, (Mayor-Atlanta)
1930Joe Solomon, cricketer (WI batsman of 50's Cap fell on wkt v Aust)
1931Dane Skerl, composer
1931Gordon Greig, journalist
1931Guy Vander Jagt, (Rep-R-MI, 1966- )
1932Joe H Engle, Abilene Ks, Brig Gen USAF/astro (STS T-2, T-4, 2, 51I)
1934Arthur Gordon Clough, journalist
1935Cornelis B Vaandrager, [Cor Vaan], Dut poet (Long Live Joop Massaker)
1935Geraldine Ferraro, (Rep-D-NY) 1st female dem VP candidate (1984)
1936Yvette Vickers, KC, playmate (Jul 1959)/actress (Attack of 50' Woman)
1937Tom Heinsohn, NBA star/coach (Boston Celtic)
1938Francine York, Aurora Minn, actress (Slattery's People)
1938Maurice Williams, rocker
1940Fred Milano, rocker
1941Barbet Schroeder, director (Barfly, Single White Female, More)
1941Chris Curtis, [Chris Crummy], rock drummer/vocalist (Deep Purple)
1942John E Blaha, San Antonio, USAF/astronaut (STS 29, 33, 43, 58, 79/81)
1942Vic Dana, Buffalo, singer/dancer (Talent Scouts)
1943Ulf Sundelin, Sweden, yachtsmen (Olympic-gold-1968)
1944Cornelia J "Corry" Arends, Dutch actress (Fool's Hat)
1944Richard A W G, English prince/duke of Gloucester
1945Melvin Watt, (Rep-D-North Carolina)
1945Thomas J Ridge, (Rep-R-Pennsylvania, 1983- )
1946Alison Steadman, Liverpool England, actress (Life is Sweet)
1947Candy Moore, Maplewood NJ, actress (Lunch Wagon, Tomboy & Champ)
1948Jet Black, rocker (Stranglers-Dreamtime)
1948Valerie Simpson, Bronx, singer, Ashford's partner (Like a Rock)
1949John Baldwin, Detroit, light middleweight boxer (Olympic-bronze-1968)
1950Richard Cowsill, Newport RI, rocker (Cowsills-Hair, We Can Fly)
1951Robert G Torricelli, (Rep-D-New Jersey, 1983- )
1952Billy Rush, rocker
1952John Kinsella, USA, swimmer (Olympic-gold-1972)
1952Michael Jeter, Lawrenceburg TN, actor (Fisher King)
1952Willie Rush, rocker (Asbury Jukes)
1954Michael Chetwood, rocker
1954Sarah Lundy, horse trainer
1954Steve Wright, Britain's wacky DJ/actor (Funny Man)
1954Wally Murphy, rocker
1957Alex Trevino, catcher (LA Dodgers)
1959Jim Rutledge, Victoria, Canadian Tour golfer (1995 Indian Open)
1959Joanne Gail Abbott, executive (MTV)
1959Kathryn P Hire, Mobile Alabama, Lt Cmdr USN/astronaut (sk: STS 90)
1960Branford Marsalis, jazz saxophonist (Bring on the Night, Tonight Show)
1960Nancy Martinez, rocker
1960Ola Ray, St Louis Mo, playmate (Jun, 1980)/actress (Thriller)
1961Jeff Parrett, Indianapolis IN, pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
1961Jimmy Olander, Palos Verdes Cal, singer (Diamond Rio-Meet in Middle)
1962Roger Kingdom, US 60m hurdler (world record)
1963David Byas, cricketer (left-handed Yorkshire batsman)
1964Bobby Jurasin, CFL defensive end (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
1964Chad Kreuter, Marin County CA, catcher (Chic White Sox)
1964Dave Boyes, St Catharines Ontario, rower (Olympics-96)
1964Karla Karch-Gailus, Vancouver BC, basketball guard (Olympics-96)
1965Chris Burke, actor with down syndrome (Corky-Life Goes On)
1965Jon Hensley, Doylestown PA, actor (Holden Snyder-As the World Turns)
1967Myron Guyton, NFL full safety (NE Patriots)
1968Courtney Hall, NFL center (SD Chargers)
1968Gavin Stratfold, Darwin NT, Australasia golfer
1969Elaine Irwin Mellencamp, Allentown Penn, wife of John Cougar
1969Mike Gisler, NFL guard/center (NE Patriots)
1969Nicole Arendt, Somerville NJ, tennis star (1996 Aust doubles finalist)
1969Ricky Bottalico, New Britain CT, pitcher (Phila Phillies)
1970Brett Schultz, cricket pace bowler (South African Test)
1970Jacco Eltingh, Heerde Neth, tennis star (1993 ATP World Doubles)
1971Jocelyn Borgella, NFL cornerback (Detroit Lions)
1971Sharon Tina Jenkins, Auckland NZ, badminton player (Olympics-96)
1972Sherell Ford, NBA forward (Seattle Supersonics)
1973Barret Robbins, NFL center (Oakland Raiders)
1974Freddie Scott, NFL wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons)
1974Kelvin Cato, NBA center (Portland Trailblazers)
1975Shea Seals, NBA guard (LA Lakers)
1976Carey Tally, Memphis Tenn, soccer midfielder (Olympics-gold-96)
1977Liam Botham, cricketer (son of Ian Hampshire all-rounder 1996)
1980Macaulay Culkin, NYC, actor (Home Alone, My Girl, Richie Rich)

Deaths for today in history Events  Birthdays
0526Theodorik the Great, King of Italy, dies
1278Ottokar II, King of Bohemia (1253-78), dies in battle
1346Jan de Blinde, King of Bohemia/count of Luxemburg, dies in battle
1368Engelbrecht van der Mark, prince-Bishop of Luik (1345-64), dies
1486Ernst I, ruler of Saxon (1464-86), dies at 45
1518Giberto X, Italian mister of Correggio/husband of Veronica Gambara
1616Johan van de Veeken, merchant/co-founder (VOC), dies at 66
1661Louis Couperin, composer, dies
1683Christoph Schultze, composer, dies at 76
1712Sebastian Anton Scherer, composer, dies at 80
1723Thonis van Leeuwenhoek, biologist/inventor (microscope), dies at 90
1770Domingos dos Reis Quita, Portuguese playwright/poet, dies at 42
1813Daniel Gottlob Turk, composer, dies at 63
1813Karl Theodor Körner, German poet (Vetter aus Bremen), dies at 21
1832Henryk Klein, composer, dies at 96
1849Jacques-Fereol Mazas, composer, dies at 66
1860Friedrich Silcher, composer, dies at 71
1860Philipp Friedrich Silcher, composer, dies at 71
1863John Buchanan Floyd, US min of War (1857-60)/Confederate general, dies
1865Johann F Encke, German astronomer (Comet Encke), dies at 73
1865Marcellus Monroe Crocker, US attorney/Union brig-general, dies at 35
1869Henri Leys, Flemish painter, dies at 54
1873Carl Wilhelm, composer, dies at 57
1894PPH van Ham, general-major, dies in battle on Lombok
1921Ludwig Thoma, writer, dies
1921Matthias Erzberger, German min of Finance, murdered at 45
1921Peter I Karadjordjevic, King of Serbia/Yugoslavia (1903-21), dies
1930Lon Chaney, actor (Thunder, Big City, Unholy 3), dies at 47
1945Franz Werfel, Czech/German/US poet/writer (Mirror Man), dies at 54
1948Oscar L Fern ndez, Brazilian conductor/composer (Imbapara), dies at 50
1949Nico van Suchtelen, publisher, dies at 70
1958Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer, dies at 85
1960Mark Hambourg, composer, dies at 81
1963Larry Keating, actor (George Burns Show, Roger-Mr Ed), dies at 67
1966Art Baker, TV host (You Asked For It), dies at 67
1967Dilawar Hussain, cricketer (Indian wicketkeeper in the 1930's), dies
1967Andres Sas, composer, dies at 67
1968Kay Francis, actress (Charley's Aunt, Play Girl), dies of cancer at 65
1971Francesco Santoliquido, composer, dies at 88
1972Jacques Gans, Dutch author/journalist, dies at 63
1974Charles Lindbergh, aviator, dies at 72
1975Cullen Landis, entertainer, dies at 80
1976Lotte (Krause-)Lehmann, German soprano (More than singing), dies at 88
1976Warner Anderson, actor (Doctor, Lineup, Peyton Place), dies at 65
1977Willis Bouchey, actor (Battle Cry, From Here to Eternity), dies at 34
1977Heinz Rottger, composer, dies at 67
1977HA Rey, author of popular constellation book, dies at 78
1978Charles Boyer, actor (Gaslight, Rogues), dies at 78
1978Charles Trowbridge Haubiel, composer, dies at 86
1980Miliza Korjus, actress (Great Waltz), dies at 71
1980Tex Avery, cartoon director (What's up, doc?), dies at 72
1981Lee Hays, rocker, dies of a heart attack
1981Roger Nash Baldwin, founder (ACLU), dies at 97
1983Mike Kellin, actor (Honestly Celeste), dies at 61 of cancer
1984Julie Stevens, actress (Lorelei-Big Town), dies at 67
1985Pieter Jongeling, Dutch MP/editor (GPV, Netherlands Daily), dies at 76
1986Jennifer Levin, strangled by Robert Chambers in Central Park
1986Ted Knight, [Tadeus Konopka], actor (Mary Tyler Moore), dies at 62
1987John Goddard, cricketer (West Indian captain 1948-53), dies
1988Paul Francis Lloyd, entertainer, dies
1989Henk Heidweiller, ambassador of Suriname, dies
1989Irving Stone, US writer (Love is Eternal, Lust for Life), dies
1992Bob the Moor, Flemish comic strip artist (Kuifje), dies
1993Rockin Dopsie Sr, Jazz-Fusion singer (Zydeco), dies at 61
1994Tariq Yunus, actor (Bollywood, Ashanti, Deceivers), dies at 54
1995David James Moore, educationalist, dies at 62
1995Evelyn Wood, speed reading guru, dies at 86
1995John Costello, historian, dies at 52
1995Omukama Patrick D Matthew Olimi Kaboyo II, king of Toro, dies at 49
1995Ronald Anthony White Jr, singer, dies at 57
1996Alejandro Lanusse, army officer/politician, dies at 77
1996Baron Baker, activist, dies at 71
1996Catherine Mary Hall, nurse, dies at 73

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