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Welcome to It's History! for today, Monday, November 12, 2018.

Events for today in history Birthdays  Deaths
0295 Origin of Era of Ascension
0607 Boniface III ends his reign as Catholic Pope
0954 Lotharius becomes king of France
1591 Castiliaans army occupies Zaragoza
1614 Treaty of Xanten: Guliks-Kleefse War victory ends
1673 Dutch troops under Willem III occupy Bonn
1682 Swedish king Karel XI establishes absolute monarchy
1727 France & Bavaria renew secret treaty
1775 General Washington forbids recruiting officers enlisting blacks
1813 Allied troops occupy Zwolle Neth
1823 Great North Holland Canal (Amsterdam) opens
1859 Jules Leotard performs 1st Flying Trapeze circus act (Paris) He also designed garment that bears his name
1873 Bay District Race Track opens
1885 Montreal & Britannia Football Clubs (QRFU) defeat Ontario Combined Team (ORFU) 3-0 in CRFU Championship game
1892 Pudge Heffelfinger receives $500, becomes 1st pro football player
1892 Allegheny Athletic Assn beats Pitts Athletic CLub, 4-0 in football
1899 British troops reach Durban Natal
1900 World's Fair in Paris opens (50 million visitors)
1906 C W Gregory (NSW v Qld) starts day at 48*, is 366* at stumps
1910 1st Movie stunt: man jumps into Hudson river from a burning balloon
1912 Robert Scott's diary & dead body found in Antarctica
1914 Turks sultan Jamal Pasja declares a German holy war
1915 Britain annexes Gilbert & Ellice archipelago
1915 Theodore W Richards is 1st American to win Nobel Prize in chemistry
1918 Emperor Karl of Austria-Hungary abdicates, Austria becomes a republic
1919 Ross & Keith Smith start a 1 month flight from London to Australia
1920 Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis elected 1st baseball commissioner
1921 Washington Conference for Limitation of Armaments
1923 In Germany, Adolf Hitler is arrested for attempt to sieze power Nov 8
1924 Yeshivah Slobodka opens a branch in Chevron
1925 US & Italy sign peace accord about war debts
1927 1st underwater tunnel, Holland Tunnel connecting NY to NJ opens
1927 Notre Dame's Fighting Irish changes blue jerseys for green
1927 Trotsky expelled from Soviet CP; Stalin becomes undisputed dictator
1928 British steamer "Vestris" capsizes & sinks off Virginia, kills 110
1931 Maple Leaf Gardens opens in Toronto - Chic Blackhawks beat Leafs, 2-1
1931 Sibelius/Ashton's ballet "Lady of Shalott," premieres in London
1932 24 killed at Lancashire mine explosion
1933 1st Sunday football game in Philadelphia (previously illegal)
1933 1st game at NFL Pitts Pirate's Forbes Field, lose to Bkln Dodgers 32-0
1933 1st known photo of Loch Ness monster (or whatever) is taken
1933 Nazis receive 92% of vote in Germany
1936 1st TV Gardening show
1936 Nobel for literature awarded to Eugene O'Neill
1936 Oakland Bay Bridge opens
1936 St Louis Browns sold to Donald L Barnes & William O DeWitt
1938 Hermann Goering announces he wants Madagascar as a Jewish homeland
1939 Jews in Lodz Poland ordered to wear yellow star of David
1940 Blizzard strikes midwest, 154 die (69 on boat on Great Lakes)
1941 Germany's drive to take Moscow halted
1941 WOV-AM & WNEW-AM in NYC swaps call letters
1942 In World War II, battle of Guadalcanal began
1943 Landwacht (NSB-political party) forms in Netherlands
1944 RAF sink German battleship "Tirpitz" at Tromsö Fjord Norway
1945 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Cordell Hull (establishing UN)
1946 1st "autobank" (banking by car) forms (Chicago)
1946 Walt Disney's "Song Of South" released
1947 KPO-AM in San Francisco CA changes call letters to KNBC (now KNBR)
1947 Schilderijenvervalser Han of Meegeren to 1 years jail sentenced
1948 Japanese premier Hideki Tojo sentenced to death by war crimes tribunal
1950 Gene Roberts sets NFL NY Giant rushing record (218 yds) vs Chic Cards
1951 "Paint Your Wagon" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 289 performances
1951 17 die in a train crash in Woodstock Ala
1952 Phila A's pitcher Bobby Shantz wins AL MVP
1952 White Sox place Jim Rivera on 1 year probation after cleared of rape
1953 David Ben-Gurion, resigns as premier of Israel
1953 US district Judge Grim, rules NFL can black out TV home games
1954 Ellis Island, immigration station in NY Harbor, closed
1955 1st West German officers sworn in
1955 Date returned to in "Back to the Future" & "Back to the Future II"
1955 E Arcaro, E Sande & G Woolf 1st inductees in Jockey hall of fame
1956 Largest observed iceberg, 208 by 60 miles, 1st sighted
1958 Bob Turley of Yankees wins Cy Young Award
1959 White Sox 2B Nellie Fox wins AL's MVP
1960 Coup against South Vietnam pres Ngo Dinh Diem fails
1960 Mercury-Redstone 1 test launch fails at 10 cm altitude
1963 Train crash in Japan, kills 164
1964 Jean becomes Grand Duke of Luxembourg
1964 Paula Murphy sets female land speed record 226.37 MPH
1965 Ferdinand Marcos elected president of Philippines
1965 General strike in Morocco against disappearance of Ben Barka
1965 Mad Dog Vachon beats Crusher in Denver, to become NWA champ
1965 Venera 2 launched by Soviet Union toward Venus
1966 Dick The Bruiser beats Mad Dog Vachon in Omaha, to become NWA champ
1966 Dodgers complete an 18-game tour of Japan with a 9-8-1 record
1966 High schooler Robert Smith kills 7 for fame
1967 Margie Masters wins LPGA Quality Chekd Golf Classic
1967 Packers' Travis Williams returns 2 kickoffs for TDs against Browns, setting largest margin of Browns defeat (48), winning 55-7
1968 KSEL (now KAMC) TV channel 28 in Lubbock, TX (ABC) begins broadcasting
1968 Supreme Court declares Arkansas law banning teaching evolution in public schools unconstitutional
1969 Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn expelled from Soviet Writers Union
1969 Minnesota's Harmon Killebrew is voted AL MVP
1969 US army announces investigating William Calley for alleged massacre of civilians at Vietnamese village of My Lai in March, 19
1969 WJJY (now WJPT) TV channel 14 in Jacksonville, IL (ABC) 1st broadcast
1970 240 KPH cyclone hits East Pakistan (Bangladesh); 3-500,000 die
1970 Cleve Cavaliers 1st NBA victory (11th game), beating Portland 105-103
1970 Scientists perform 1st artificial synthesis of a live cell
1973 Dmitri Shostakovitch' 14th String Quartet premieres
1974 South Africa suspended from UN General Assembly over racial policies
1975 NY Mets Tom Seaver wins his 3rd Cy Young Award
1975 Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas retired after 36 years
1977 Ernest N Morial elected mayor of New Orleans
1977 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1977 New Orleans elects 1st black mayor, Ernest "Dutch" Morial
1978 "Platinum" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 33 performances
1978 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Colgate Far East Golf Open
1979 Pres Carter announces immediate halt to all imports of Iranian oil
1979 Tony Franklin of Philadelphia Eagles kicks 59-yard field goal
1979 US halts Iranian oil imports & freezes Iranian assets
1980 Baltimore's Steve Stone wins AL Cy Young Award
1980 NYC Mayor Ed Koch admits to trying marijuana
1980 US space probe Voyager I approaches 77,000-mi (124,000 km) of Saturn
1981 1st balloon crossing of Pacific is completed (Double Eagle V)
1981 2nd shuttle mission-1st time spacecraft launched twice (Columbia 2)
1981 Bill C Davis' "Mass Appeal," premieres in NYC
1981 Billy Martin named AL Manager of Year (Oakland A's)
1981 Great Britain performs nuclear test
1981 Pilin Leon of Venezuela, crowned 31st Miss World
1982 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1982 USSR KGB-chief Yuri V Andropov succeeds Leonid Brezhnev as USSR leader
1982 Zaheer Abbas gets his 100th 100 in Test Cricket v India, goes to 215
1983 4 die in a train crash in Marshall Texas
1983 NJ Devils 1st overtime game, lose to Calgary Flames 4-3
1984 Paul McCartney releases "We All Stand Together"
1984 Space shuttle astronauts snared a satellite 1st space salvage
1985 R Hadlee takes 15-123 for Cricket match v Australia at Brisbane
1985 STS 61-B vehicle moves to launch pad
1985 Secretary in Ann Arbor Mich wounded by package bomb
1985 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: Cozzene, Life's Magic, Pebbles, Precisionist, Proud Truth, Tasso, Twilight Ridge at Aqueduct
1986 France performs nuclear test
1986 Roger Clemens wins AL Cy Young Award unanimously
1987 "Teddy & Alice" opens at Minskoff Theater NYC for 77 performances
1987 Heavy snow closes schools from DC to Maine
1987 Ulla Weigerstorfer of Austria, 20, crowned 37th Miss World [12?]
1988 Japan beats MLB All-Star team 5-4 in Tokyo (Game 6 of 7)
1988 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1989 "Grand Hotel" opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 1018 performances
1989 Brazil holds 1st free presidential election in 29 years
1989 George Forest's musical "Grand Hotel," premieres in NYC
1991 "Full House" 100th episode-twins are born
1991 Atlanta Brave Tom Glavine wins NL Cy Young Award
1991 Indonesian army shoots on funeral possession: 270-520 die
1992 NY Yankee pitcher Steve Howe is reinstated for 8th time
1995 25th NYC Women's Marathon won by Tegla Loroupe in 2:28:06
1995 26th NYC Marathon won by German Silva in 2:10:00
1995 Last day of Test cricket for Martin Crowe
1995 Marino breaks Tarkenton's NFL all-time passing yardage mark of 47,003
1995 NY MTA raises subway & bus fares from $1.25 to $1.50
1995 STS 74 (Atlantis 15), launches into orbit
1996 Toronto's Pat Hentgen wins AL Cy Young Award
1997 Dick Vitale signs with ESPN through year 2004
1997 Pedro Martinez wins NL Cy Young Award
1998 NY Islanders tie Detroit Red Wings 1-1, to end 10 game losing streak
Birthdays for today in history Events  Deaths
1651Juana Inés de La Cruz, Mexico, poet/nun/feminist (Primero Sue¤o)
1676Giovanni Antonio Pollarolo, composer
1748Carlos IV, King of Spain (1788-1808)
1755Gerhard JD von Scharnhorst, Prussia milt/minister of War (1807-10)
1757Jacobus Bellamy, [Zelandus], Zealand poet
1790Letitia Christian Tyler, 1st wife of President Tyler
1815Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Johnstown NY, suffragist (80 Years & More)
1815Ida von Dringsfeld, German author (Vd Schelde bis zur Mas)
1817Bah 'u'll h (Mirza Husayn Ali), founded Bah 'í faith
1817Carlo Pedrotti, composer
1817Martin Gustav Nottebohm, composer
1827Gustav Adolf Merkel, composer
1831Anton Kerner Ritter von Marilaun, Austria botanist
1833Aleksandr Porfirievich Borodin, Russia, composer (Robert LeDiable)
1840Auguste Rodin, France, sculptor (Kiss, Thinker)
1841John W Rayleigh, England, physicist (Nobel 1904)/Cambridge (1908-14)
1844Octave Fouque, composer
1853Oskar Panizza, writer
1858Alexis Contant, composer
1865Frans L M "Sas" van Aerschot, Flemish operetta actor (Paljas)
1866Sun Yat-sen, father of modern China (ROC & PRC) (traditional)
1886L G Kortenhorst, politician
1886Leonardus G Kortenhorst, Dutch MP (KVP)
1889DeWitt Wallace, St Paul Minn, publisher, founded Readers Digest (1921)
1897Karl Marx, Germany, composer/conductor
1898Abraham J D van Oosten, Dutch poet/author (His Master's Voice)
1903Jack Oakie, Sedalia Mo, actor (Great Dictator, 1974 Photoplay Award)
1905Evgeny Grigor'yevich Bruslovsky, composer
1905Solon Michaelides, composer
1908Hans Werner Richter, German author (Socially Responsible Cinema)
1908Harry A Blackmun, Ill, 100th Supreme Court justice (1970-94)
1908Shamus Culhane, animator
1910A "Dudley" Nourse, cricketer (son of Dave, brilliant S African bat)
1911Luc Estang, [Lucien Bastard], French writer (Stigmates)
1911William Thomas Pennar Davies, poet author/theologian
1912Alphonse [Tuffy] Leemans, NFL fullback (NY Giants)
1914Edward "Henricus" Schillebeeckx, Dutch theologist
1914Roberto Cavanagh, Argentina, polo (Olympic-gold-1936)
1914Sylvi Saimo, Finland, 500m kayak (Olympic-gold-1952)
1915Roland Barthes, French literary critic (L'Empire des Signer)
1916Jean Papineau-Couture, composer
1916Liam Dunn, NJ, actor (Koska & his Family)
1917Joseph Coors, CEO (Adolph Coors Co Brewery)
1918Jo Stafford, Coalinga Calif, singer (I'll Never Smile Again)
1920Richard Quine, Detroit MI, actor/director (Clay Pigeon)
1921Robert Fleming, composer
1922Kim Hunter, [Janet Cole], Det MI, actress (Planet of the Apes, Lilith)
1927Sunset Carson, [Michael Harrison] Plainview TX, actor (Cat of Rockies)
1928Grace Kelly, Phila Pa, actress (Rear Window)/Princess (Monaco)
1928Johan B W Polak, Dutch publisher/publicist (Bloom of Decadence)
1929Michael Ende, writer
1930Tonke Dragt, Dutch children book author (Towers of February)
1931Bob Crewe, rocker
1931Norman Y Mineta, (Rep-R-CA, 1975- )
1933Peter Post, Dutch bicyclist (8x European Champion at Derny-drive)
1934Ann Flood, Jamaica NY, actress (Edge of Night)
1934Bukka White, rocker
1934Charles Manson, [No Name Maddox], Cin Oh, criminal (Tate-Labianco)
1935Jerry Douglas, Chelsea Mass, actor (John Abbott-Young & Restless)
1935Terry Johnson, US R&B singer (Flamingos-I Know Better)
1936Mort Shuman, rocker
1936Robert White, guitarist
1936Ruth Jessen, LPGA golfer
1937Ina Balin, Brooklyn NY, actress (Danger in Paradise)
1937Peter Lloyd, British MP
1937Richard H Truly, Fayette Miss, Rear Adm USN/astro (STS T-2, T-4, 2, 8)
1939Lucia Popp, Uhorsk  Ves Czechoslovakia, soprano (Die Zauberflöte)
1939Ruby Nash Curtis, US singer (Romantics-Our Day Will Come)
1940Ria Lubbers, wife of Dutch premier Ruud Lubbers
1941Frank Rosenthal, rocker
1941Jennifer Helen McLeod, composer
1943Brian Hyland, Queens NY, rocker (She Wore an Itsy Bitsy ... Bikini)
1943Jimmy "Bro" Hayes, US singer (Persuasions-Under the Boardwalk)
1943John Maus, NYC, rock vocalist (Walker Brothers)
1943Wallace Shawn, NYC, actor (My Dinner with Andre, Princess Bride)
1944Booker T Jones, organist [or Dec 11]
1944Johan van Doorn, [Johnny the Selfkicker], Dutch poet (War & Porridge)
1945Al Michaels, Bkln, sportscaster (ABC Monday Night Baseball/Football)
1945Michael Bishop, US, sci-fi author (Nebula, Stolen Faces)
1945Neil Young, Toronto, singer/songwriter (Cosby, Sills & Young)
1945Valerie Leon, London England, actress (Blood from Mummy's Tomb)
1947Donald Roeser, rock guitarist/vocalist (Blue Oyster Cult)
1947J C Crowley, rocker
1947Patrice Leconte, director (Monsieur Hire, Hairdresser's Husband)
1948Errol Brown, Kingston Jamaica, rock vocalist (Hot Chocolate)
1949Arthur "Pooch" Tavares, rocker
1949Jack Reed, (Rep-D-Rhode Island)
1954Bharat Reddy, cricket wicket-keeper (India 1979)
1954Paul McNamee, Australia, tennis star
1955Leslie McKeown, rock vocalist (Bay City Rollers-Saturday Night)
1956Rhonda Shear, New Orleans LA, comedian (Up All Night)
1957Gail Castro, Glendale Calif, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-1991, Oly-96)
1957Marta Figueras-Dotti, Madrid Spain, LPGA golfer (1994 Hawaiian Open)
1960Bertice Berry, talk show host (Bertice)
1961Chela Quintana, Venezuela, LPGA golfer (8 time Venezuelan Amat Champ)
1961Greg Gagne, Fall River MA, infielder (LA Dodgers)
1961Nadia Comaneci, [Gheorghe], Romania, gymnist (1st 10/Olymp-gold-1976)
1962Jeff Reed, Joliet IL, catcher (Colorado Rockies)
1962Wim Kieft, Dutch soccer star (Ajax/Gir de Bordeaux/PSV)
1963Laurie Brower, Long Beach CA, LPGA golfer (1994 Lady Keystone-9th)
1964Erik Howard, NFL defensive tackle/end (NY Jets)
1964Gerald Perry, NFL tackle (Oakland Raiders)
1964Jakob Hlasek, Czech, tennis star
1965Mike Keim, NFL tackle (Seattle Seahawks)
1966David Schwimmer, Queens NY, actor (Ross-Friends)
1967Charlie Pennaelino, Queens NY, rocker (Linear-I Never Felt This Way)
1967Michael Moorer, boxing heavyweight champ (defeated Holyfield-1994)
1968Derek Bell, Tampa Florida, outfielder (Houston Astros)
1968Irina Privalova, Russian runner (indoor world record 50/60m)
1968Randy Knorr, San Gabriel CA, catcher (Houston Astros)
1968Sammy Sosa, Dom Rep, baseball outfielder (Chicago Cubs)
1969Iain Sydie, North York Ontario, badminton player (Olympics-96)
1969Trevor Shaw, CFL slot back (BC Lions)
1970Tonya Harding, Portland Or, figure skater (Oly-8th-1994/US Champ 1994)
1971Heidi Burge, WNBA forward (LA Sparks)
1971Shakeel Ahmed, Pakistani cricket wicket-keeper (v West Indies 1993)
1973Colin Morgan, Calgary Alberta, 78 kg judoka (Olympics-96)
1973Keith Morgan, Calgary Alberta, 95 kg judoka (Olympics-96)
1973Melanie Gaffin, Santa Monica Calif, actress (Cheryl-Whiz Kids)
1973Zahir Shah, cricketer (attention-grabbing Rawalpindi leg-spinner)
1975Angela Watson, actress (Karen Foster-Step by Step)
1975Chris Wells, Calgary, NHL center (Pitts Penguins)
1975Gretchen Durgin, Miss USA-New Hampshire (1997)
1975Nina Brosh, Afula Israel, model (Drakkar)
1975Tevin Jermod Campbell, Dallas Tx, rapper
1976Scott Mark Cameron, Dunedin NZ, 4x200m relay swimmer (Olympics-96)
1977Jennifer Smith, Miss Maryland Teen USA (1996)
1989Paul Jessup, actor (Mikie-Baby Talk)
1989Ryan Jessup, actor (Mikie-Baby Talk)
Deaths for today in history Events  Birthdays
0607Boniface III, Italian Pope (607), dies
1035Canute "The Great", King of the Danes (1016-1035), dies at 41
1035Knut II, the Great, Viking king of Engl/Den/Nor (1014-35), dies at 39
1202Knut VI, king of the Denen/Turn (1182-1202), dies at about 39
1555Stephen Gardiner, English bishop of Winchester, dies at about 65
1558Shalom Shakna ben Joseph, Rabbi (founder of 1st Polish Yeshiva), dies
1567Anne Pierre Adrien duke of Montmorency, marshal of France, dies at 74
1595John Hawkins, English navigator/treasurer of the Navy, dies at 63
1600Andreas of Austrian, Land Guardian of Neth (1598-1600), dies at 42
1606Matthaus Ludecus, composer, dies at 79
1671Christianus Schotanus … Sterringa, Fries theologist, dies at 68
1671Thomas, 3rd baron Fairfax of Cameron, English general, dies at 59
1722Adriaen van der Werff, Dutch painter/engraver/architect, dies at 63
1739Ludwig Ernst, composer, dies at 71
1754Jacob de Wit, Amsterdam painter/decorater, dies at 58
1793Jean-Sylvain, French historian (Napoléon), executed at 53
1802Charles van Poucke, Flemish sculptor, dies at 62
1823Emmanuel Aloys Forster, composer, dies at 75
1852Georg Hellmesberger, composer, dies at 22
1869Gheorghe Asachi, author/humanist (1st newspaper in Moldavia), dies
1893Alexander Freiherr von Bach, premier of Austria (1852-59), dies at 80
1896Spyridon Xyndas, composer, dies at 84
1912José Canalejas bon Mendez, premier of Spain (1910-12), murdered at 58
1921Fernand Khnopff, Belgian painter/sculptor, dies at 63
1925Roman Statkowski, composer, dies at 65
1937Harry Smith, England cricket wicket-keeper (v WI 1928), dies
1939(Ernest YY) Oscar Tourniaire, actor (Bluejackets), dies at 59
1940Alejandro Garcia Caturla, composer, dies at 34
1941Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, NY gangster/police informer, killed
1944Roy Agnew, composer, dies at 51
1944George D Birkhoff, US mathematician (Aesthetic measure), dies at 60
1944Edgar Stillman Kelley, US composer (Gulliver), dies at 87
1947Emmuska Orczy, British author (Scarlet Pimpernel), dies at 82
1948Umberto Giordano, composer, dies at 81
1949Hendrik A de Fish, [Henri Pauwels], Flemish philological, dies at 64
1956Gerhard Alexander, actor (One Zomerzotheid), dies at 49
1957Fritz Schulz, German law historian (Classical Roman Law), dies at 78
1960John Trim, cricketer (occasional WI quick 1948-52, 18 wkts), dies
1962Sid Tomack, actor (Gillis-Life of Riley, My Friend Irma), dies at 55
1962Alexander Spitzmuller-Harmersbach, composer, dies at 68
1966Quincy Porter, US composer, dies at 69
1967Herman Uyttersprot, Flemish literature historian, dies at 58
1969Louis van Tulder, tenor (Kantoorkruk to high C), dies at 77
1972Rudolf Friml, Czech/US composer (Bohemian suite), dies at 92
1974Charles Quinlivan, actor (7 Guns to Mesa), dies at 50
1975Anthony Ross, TV host (Telltale Clue), dies at 69
1976Walter Hamor Piston, US composer, dies at 82
1978Howard Swanson, composer, dies at 71
1979Dimitri Tiompkin, composer, dies at 85
1980Haya van Someren-Downer, Dutch MP, dies at 54
1980Andrei Amalrik, Russian writer/dissident, dies at 42
1980Alexander "Alex" Nicholas Voormolen, Dutch composer, dies at 85
1987Roger Lewis, aviation exec (Lockheed, C Wright, Pan Am), dies at 75
1989Dolores Ib rruri, [Pasionaria], Basque/Spanish communist, dies at 93
1990Yannis Ritsos, Greek poet, dies at 81
1990Rifaat El-Maghub, Egyptian MP leader, murdered
1990Nico Haak, Dutch singer (Foxy Foxtrot), dies
1990Eve Arden, actress (Our Miss Brooks), dies at 82
1990Dave Willock, actor (Queen of Outer Space), dies at 81
1991Paul E "Cardinal" Leger, cardinal/archbishop of Montreal, dies at 87
1991Howard Brunner, dies of AIDS at 51
1991Diane Brewster, actress (Courage of Black Beauty), dies at 60
1991Christopher Hayes, dies of heart attack
1992Charles "Honi" Coles, tap dancer, dies of cancer at 81
1992David Oliver, actor (Perry Hutchins-Another World), dies of AIDS at 30
1993Anna Stein, actress (Wedding Night), dies of heart attack at 88
1993Bill Dickey, HOF baseball catcher (NY Yankees, 1928-46), dies at 86
1993Harry Haldeman, Nixon's cabinet member (1968-73), dies
1994Wilma Glodean Rudolph, US sprinter (Olympics-3 gold-60), dies at 54
1994Michael John Innes Mackintosh Stewart Innes, writer, dies at 88
1994Katherine Elliots, doctor, dies at 75
1994Charles "Honi" Coles, dancer (1983 Tony award), dies at 81
1995Curley Fox, fiddler, dies at 85
1995Jack Mann, pilot/hostage, dies at 81
1995Marion Pitt, social worker/writer, dies at 56
1996Don Kenyon, cricketer, dies at 72
1996Gwen Catley, soprano, dies at 90
1996John Qace Hardbattle, political activist, dies at 51
1997William Matthews, poet, dies at 55

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