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Welcome to It's History! for tomorrow, Tuesday, July 24, 2018.

Events for tomorrow in history Birthdays  Deaths
1487 Citizens of Leeuwarden Neth rebel against ban on foreign beer
1534 Jacques Cartier, lands in Canada, claims it for France
1554 Queen Maria of England marries Philip, king of Naples/Jerusalem
1567 Mary Queen of Scots is forced to abdicate & 1-year-old James VI becomes King of Scotland
1577 Spanish army/German mercenaries conquer Namur
1577 Treason of Don Juan in Brussels
1581 States of Holland/Zealand recognized by Willem van Orange
1651 Anthony Johnson, a free black, receives grant of 250 acres in Va
1673 Edmund Halley enters Queen's College, Oxford, as an undergraduate
1683 1st settlers from Germany to US, leave aboard Concord
1692 French defeat William III of England at Steinkirk (Enghein)
1701 Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac found trading post at Ft Pontchartrain, which later becomes the city of Detroit
1704 English & Dutch troops occupy Gibraltar
1712 Battle at Denain: France under Villars beat Dutch army
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie becomes King James VIII
1758 George Washington admitted to Virginia House of Burgess
1783 Georgia becomes a protectorate of tsarist Russia
1793 France passes 1st copyright law
1799 William Clark (of Lewis & Clark) is willed the slave York
1824 Harrisburg Pennsylvanian newspaper publishes results of 1st public opinion poll. Clear lead for Andrew Jackson
1833 HMS Beagle departs Maldonado Uruguay
1847 Brigham Young & his Mormon followers arrive at Salt Lake City, UT
1847 Rotary-type printing press patents by Richard March Hoe, NYC
1851 Window tax abolished in Britain
1861 Skirmish at Taylor Mountain, (W)VA - CS Gen Wise retreats
1863 Battle at Battle Mountain, Virginia
1864 Battle of Winchester, VA US1200 CS600
1866 Tennessee becomes 1st Confederate state readmitted to Union
1870 1st trans-US rail service begins
1877 1st time federal troops are used to combat strikers
1883 Arabi Pasha declares a holy war in Egypt
1886 China takes British protectorate of Burma
1893 For only time in history of US Tennis championships, an event is held off the Eastern seaboard. Men's double championship in Chicago
1900 Race riot in New Orleans, 2 white policemen killed
1902 Trumper a century before lunch 4th Test Cricket v England
1905 Treaty of Björkö: Emperor Wilhelm II/czar Nicholas II
1908 John Hayes wins 4th olympics marathon (2:55:18.4 world record)
1909 Bkln Dodger Nap Rucker strikes out 16 Pitts Pirates
1910 Matador Juan Belmonte (18) kills his 1st bull
1911 Hiram Bingham discovers Lost City of the Incas
1911 Cleve's League Park hosts 1st unofficial ML All Star game (benefit game for Addie Joss' family). Cleveland Naps lose to All Stars 5-3
1915 Excursion ship Eastland capsizes in Lake Michigan, 852 die
1919 Race Riot in Washington DC (6 killed, 100 wounded)
1921 Belgium's Léon Scieur wins Tour de France
1923 Allied Powers & Turkey sign peace treaty, Lausanne
1925 Scopes guilty of teaching evolution in a Tn HS, fined $100 & costs
1929 NY to SF foot race ends (2Ť months) winner is 60 year old Monteverde
1929 Pres Hoover proclaims Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounces war
1931 George Gunn gets 183 & son of a gunn George Vernon 100* same innings
1931 Paavo Nurmi runs world record 2 mile (8:59.6)
1933 German judge Vogt signs deed of accusation against Van der Lubbe
1933 #1726 Hoffmeister, #2136 Jugta, #2158, #3957 Sugie & #4589 McDowell
1934 1st ptarmigan hatched & reared in captivity, Ithaca, NY
1935 1st greeting telegram sent in Britain
1936 118°F (48°C), Minden, Nebraska (state record)
1936 121°F (49°C), near Alton, Kansas (state record)
1936 Gen Mola & Cabanellas form Spanish anti-govt
1937 Alabama drops charges against 5 blacks accused of rape in Scottsboro
1938 Instant coffee invented
1940 1st illegal "Newsletter of Pieter It Hen" publishes in Netherlands
1940 Linthorst Homan, de Quay & Einthoven forms Dutch Union
1941 FDR demands Japanese troops out of Indo-China
1941 Nazi execute entire Jewish population of Grodz Lithuania
1941 Red Sox Lefty Grove, 41, wins his 300th game
1942 Irving Berlin's musical "This is the Army," premieres in NYC
1943 RAF bombs Hamburg (20,000 dead)
1944 300 allied bombers drop fire bombs on Allied/German positions
1944 Soviet forces liberate concentration camp Majdanek
1944 US troops land on Tinian
1945 US destroyer Underhill torpedoed West of Guam
1946 9 Spokane baseball players (Western League), die in a bus crash
1946 US performs atmospheric nuclear Test at Bikini Island
1948 4 Duluth Minn Dukes (St Louis Cards Class C farm team) die in crash
1948 Soviets blockades Berlin from west
1949 Inidian pitcher Bob Lemon hits 2 HRs to beat Senators, 7-5
1950 V-2/WAC Corporal rocket launch; 1st launch from Cape Canaveral
1952 112°F (44°C), Louisville, Georgia (state record)
1952 Emile Zatopek runs Olympic record 5K (14:06.6)
1952 Pres Truman settles 53-day steel strike
1953 KEYT TV channel 3 in Santa Barbara, CA (ABC) begins broadcasting
1955 Ali Sastroamidjojo of Govt resigns in Indonesia
1955 Betty Jameson/Mary Faulk wins Virg Hot Springs 4-Ball Golf Tournament
1956 Brendan Behan's "Quare Fellow," premieres in London
1956 Dodgers lose to the Reds, 2-1, playing in Jesey City
1957 KTVC TV channel 6 in Ensign, KS (CBS) begins broadcasting
1957 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
1958 14 people named 1st life peers in UK
1958 Ted Williams is fined $250 for spitting at Boston fans again
1958 Test Cricket debuts against NZ for Dexter, Illingworth & Subba Row
1959 500,000th Dutch TV set registered
1959 VP Nixon argues with Khrushchev, known as "Kitchen Debate"
1960 42nd PGA Championship: Jay Hebert shoots a 281 at Firestone CC Akron
1961 Beginning of a trend, a US commercial plane is hijacked to Cuba
1961 Edwin Newman becomes news anchor of Today Show
1961 Roger Maris hits 4 home runs, in a doubleheader
1963 124 Unification church couples wed in Korea
1963 Dutch govt of Marijnen forms
1964 -27) race riot in Rochester, New York, 4 killed
1965 "Flora, the Red Menace" closes at Alvin Theater NYC after 87 perfs
1965 Bob Dylan release "Like a Rolling Stone"
1965 Casey Stengel resigns as manager of NY Mets
1965 Rock group "Animals" 1st time on British charts
1966 48th PGA Championship: Al Geiberger shoots a 280 at Firestone CC Akron
1966 Gloria Ehret/Judy Kimball wins LPGA Yankee Women's Golf Open
1967 49th PGA Championship: Don January shoots a 281 at Columbine CC Colo
1967 Beatles sign a petition in Times to legalize marijuana
1967 Charles de Gaulle says 'Vive le Québec libre! Long live free Quebec!'
1967 Chinese army/air force/fleet repress uprising in Wuhan City
1967 Norway requests European Common Market membership
1967 Race riots in Cambridge Maryland
1967 Race riots in Detroit force postponement of Tigers-Orioles game
1968 Hoyt Wilhelm's 907th breaks Cy Young's record for pitching appearances
1969 Apollo 11 returns to Earth
1969 Hoyt Wilhelm pitches in a record 907th major league game
1969 Muhammad Ali is convicted for refusing induction in US Army on appeal
1970 Intl Law Tennis Assn institutes 9 point tie break rule
1970 USSR performs nuclear Test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1971 WUHQ TV channel 41 in Battle Creek, MI (ABC) begins broadcasting
1972 Jigme Singye Wangchuk becomes king of Bhutan at 16
1973 44th All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 7-1 at Royals Stadium, KC
1973 All star MVP: Bobby Bonds (SF Giants)
1974 Supreme Court unanimously rules Nixon must turn over Watergate tapes
1975 Apollo 18 returns to Earth
1976 John Naber is 1st to swin 200m backstroke under 2 minutes
1977 32nd US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Hollis Stacy
1977 Pete Rose passes Frankie Frisch as switch-hit leader with 2,881
1977 Seattle's John Montague pitches 6 2/3 innings of perfect relief tying 2 game record of retiring 33 consecutive batsmen
1978 "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" premieres in NYC
1978 Margaret Gardiner, of South Africa, crowned 27th Miss Universe
1978 Pete Rose ties NL hitting streak of 37 games
1978 Billy Martin resigns as Yankee manager after "one is a born liar the other a convicted one" comment about Steinbrenner & Jackson
1979 Pres Carter names Paul Volcker, pres of Federal Reserves
1979 Red Sox Carl Yastrzemski hits his 400th HR
1981 Mohammed Ali Rajai elected president of Iran
1982 "Best Little Whorehouse in Tx" closes at E O'Neill NYC after 63 perfs
1982 KHJ (LA) & KFRC (SF) become 2nd & 3rd stereo AM stations
1983 "Mame" opens at Gershwin Theater NYC for 41 performances
1983 21st Tennis Fed Cup: Czech beats Germany in Zurich Switz (2-1)
1983 Lauren Howe wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic
1983 Laurent Fignon wins Tour de France
1983 Pine Tar Game: Brett's HR disallowed against Yanks (overturned)
1983 Sonya Robinson, (Milwaukee), 23, crowned 16th Miss Black America
1984 Steve Ballesteros wins British Open
1985 Gandhi signs peace contract with Sikh leader Harchand Singh Longowai
1986 SF Federal jury convicts navy radioman Jerry Whitworth of espionage
1987 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.3 (updated) released
1987 USSR performs underground nuclear Test
1988 43rd US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Liselotte Neumann
1988 US & Jamacia play scoreless tie, in 2nd round of 1990 world soccer cup
1989 Paula Gwynn, 22, crowned 21st Miss Black America
1990 Ms. Magazine hits newstands again after an 8 month hiatus
1990 US warships in Persian Gulf placed on alert after Iraq masses nearly 30,000 troops near its border with Kuwait
1991 Ottawa Rough Riders Board of Directors resign
1991 U of Manchester scientist announce finding a planet outside of solar system
1992 Faye Vincent reinstates Yankee owner George Steinbrenner (eff 3/1/93)
1992 Vickers Viscount crashes, 70 die
1993 Actor Richard Moll (Night Court) weds Susan Brown
1993 Met Vince Coleman injures 3 when he throws cherry bomb at Dodger fans
1993 NY Met Anthony Young loses record 27th straight
1993 Night Court actor Richard Moll (50) weds Susan Brown (32)
1994 32nd Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats USA in Frankfurt Germany (3-0)
1994 49th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Patty Sheehan
1994 Asociacón de Estados del Caribe (AEC) forms
1994 Bodo kills 37 Moslems in Bashbari NE India
1994 Miguel Indurain wins Tour de France
Birthdays for tomorrow in history Events  Deaths
1380Johannes van Capestrano, Italian saint
1686Benedetto Marcello, composer [or Aug 9]
1720Louise Ulrike, queen of Sweden/wife of Adolf Frederik
1738Elizabeth "Betje" Wolff-Bekker, Dutch author/poet (Sara Burgerhart)
1759Victor Emmanuel I, King of Sardinia (1802-21)
1783Simón Bolívar, freed 6 Latin American republics from Spanish rule
1796Herman van Sonsbeeck, Dutch lawyer/statesman
1796John Middleton Clayton, Delaware, (Sen-Del)/US Sec of State (1849-50)
1798John Adams Dix, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1879
1802Alexandre Dumas Pčre, France, author (3 Musketeers)
1802Ira Aldridge, famous African
1803Adolphe Charles Adam, French composer/critic (Si j'était roi)
1803Alexander Jackson Davis, US, architect (gothic revivalist)
1815Antoine T D'Abbadie, French explorer (Ethiopia) [or Jan 3, 1810]
1817Adolf WAKF, grand duke of Luxembourg (1890-1905)
1818Felix Godefroid, composer
1826Francisco S López, [Tiran], president of Paraguay (1862-70)
1827Julius Adolph de Lagnel, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1912
1832Johann Christoph Lauterbach, violinist
1841Raimundo Madrazo y Garretta, painter
1842Ambrose Bierce, Ohio, writer (Nuggets & Dust)
1857Henrik Pontoppidan, Denmark, writer (Promised Country, Nobel 1917)
1858Wolfgang Kapp, German politician (Kapp Putsch 1920)
1862Johan A de Sleeve, [Adwaita], philosopher/classical/poet (Brahman)
1864B[enjamin] Frank[lin] Wedekind, German writer (Lulu)
1864Michel Gaston Carraud, composer
1865Frank Wedekind, writer
1867Fred Tate, cricketer (father of Maurice, 1 Test, Eng v Aus 1902)
1867Frederic Benson, novelist
1870Fred Law Olmsted Jr, architect/landscaper
1878Lord Dunsany, [Edward JMD Plunkett], Irish sci-fi writer (Time & Gods)
1880Ernest Bloch, Geneva Switzerland, composer (MacBeth)
1884Abraham Rutgers, Dutch governor (Suriname, 1928-33)
1885Desider Antalffy-Zsiross, Hungarian organist/composer
1886Junichiro Tanizaki, Japan, writer (Snow Dusting)
1888Arthur Richardson, Australian cricket batsman (20's)
1894Walter Schulthess, composer
1896Hermann Kasack, German writer (Die Stadt hinter dem Strom)
1897Elmar Berkovich, Hungarian/Dutch designer (Eindhoven Theatre)
1897Karl von Mechow, German writer (Auf Dem Wege, Vorsommer)
1898Amelia Earhart, US aviator (1st woman to solo Atlantic)
1898Frank Mortelmans, Belgian painter
1899Chief Dan George, actor (Little Big Man)
1900Zelda Fitzgerald, 1st wife of F Scott
1902Hans Chemin-Petit, composer
1902Nora Swinburne, England, actress (Quo Vardis, Dinner at Ritz, River)
1903Robert Mills Delaney, composer
1904James R Killian Jr, MIT pres (1948-59)
1907Hugh Charles, songwriter/impressario
1910Edward Ford, registrat Order of Merit
1910Harry Horner, stage/Film Designer
1913George H Brown, film producer
1913Johnny McAfee, Dallas Tx, singer (Sammy Kaye Show)
1914David Miles Bensuan-Butt, economist
1914Edwin Mirvish, owner (Old Vic)
1914Frank Silvera, Kingston Jamaica, actor (High Chaparral)
1914Kenneth B Clark, Canal Zone, civil rights activist (Dark Ghetto)
1914Riccardo Malipiero, composer
1914Robert Emhardt, actor (Mac-Another World, Underworld USA, Mooncussers)
1915Frank Thistlethwaite, vice chancellor (University of East Anglia)
1916Bob Eberly, Mechanicsville NY, singer (Jimmy Dorsey Band)
1916John D MacDonald, novelist (Deep Blue Goodbye)
1917John Hillaby, writer/traveller
1917Robert Farnon, composer/conductor/arranger
1917Simon Slattvik, Norway, cross country ski jumper (Olympic-gold-1952)
1918Ruggiero Ricci, SF Calif, composer/violinist (Paganini)
1920Alexander H Cohen, NYC, Broadway producer (Beyond the Fringe)
1920Bella Abzug, (Rep-D-NY, 1970-74)
1922Charles Mathias Jr, (Sen-R-MD, 1969-86)
1922Leo Kraft, composer
1924David Loram, British vice-admiral (Supreme Allied Commander)
1924Glenn Loren Glasow, composer
1924Janine Charrat, French ballerina/choreographer
1924Lord Digby, lord-lt for Dorset
1925Ignacio Aldecoa, Spanish writer (Gran Sol, Caballo the Pica)
1926Hans-Gnther Winkler, Germany, equestrian jumper (Olympic-gold-1956)
1926James Hele, high master (St Paul's School)
1927James J Howard, (Rep-D-NJ, 1965- )
1927Wilfred Josephs, composer
1929Alfred Binns, West Indian cricket wicketkeeper (1953-56)
1929Hedda J Garza, writer/political activist
1929Peter Yates, director (Breaking Away, Bullitt)
1930Boris Nikolayevich Belousov, cosmonaut
1930Charles Hambro, English banker/multi-millionaire/CEO (Hambros)
1930Jacqueline Brookes, Montclair NJ, actress (Jack & Mike, Another World)
1932William D Ruckelshaus, headed Environmental Protection Agency
1933John Aniston, Crete, actor (Search for Tomorrow, Day of our Lives)
1934Jimmy Holiday, US singer (How Can I Forget)
1934Thomas Ambler, CEO (Texaco)
1934Willie Davis, NFL defensive end (Cleveland Browns, Green Bay)
1935George Varnals, South African cricket batsman (England 1964-65)
1935Les Reed, songwriter (Heroin)
1935Pat Oliphant, Australia, cartoonist (7 Pres: The Art of Oliphant)
1935Trevor Chinn, CEO (Lex)
1936Mark Goddard, Lowell Mass, actor (Don West-Lost in Space)
1936Ruth Buzzi, Westerly RI, comedienne (Laugh-In, Margie-That Girl)
1937Baroness Blatch, British minister of state for Education
1937Barry Lloyd Vercoe, composer
1937Quinlan Terry, architect
1938Colin Southgate, CEO (Thorn EMI)
1938John Sparling, NZ cricket all-rounder (11 Tests 1958-64)
1938Mike Mainieri, rocker
1939Barry [Norman] Malzberg, sci-fi author (Revelations, Beyond Apollo)
1939Bob Lilly, NFL defensive tackle (Dallas Cowboys)
1939Walter Bellamy, New Bern NC, NBA center (Knicks/Olympic-gold-1960)
1940Carroll A Campbell Jr, (Rep-R-SC, 1979-86)
1941Barbara Love, rocker
1942Chris Sarandon, WV, actor (Child's Play, Dog Day Afternoon, Lipstick)
1942Heinz Burt, Hargin Germany, rock bassist (Tornados)
1943Henk Vos, chemical analyst/Dutch politician (PvdA) 2nd Chamber
1943Jim McCarty, rocker (Yardbirds)
1943Lyudmila Bragina, USSR, 1500m runner (Olympic-gold-1972)
1944Barbara Thompson, jazz musician/composer/bandleader
1944Jim Armstrong, rock guitarist (Them)
1946William "Junior" Campbell, singer/guitarist (Marmalade)
1947Geoffrey McQueen, TV Writer
1947M Jacques Fouroux, rugby player
1947Michael Coveney, drama critic
1947Neil McIntosh, CEO (VSO, Center for British Teaching)
1947Peter Serkin, NYC, pianist (Tashi)
1947Robert Hays, Bethesda Md, actor (Airplane!, Starman, Scandalous)
1947Zaheer Abbas, cricketer (probably Pakistan's finest batsman ever)
1949Marjanne Sint, Dutch MP (PvdA)
1949Michael Richards, LA Calif, comedian (Fridays, Kramer-Seinfeld)
1950Dan Hedaya, actor (Cheers, Marvin's Room, Clueless)
1950Goutam Ghose, director (Patang, Voyage Beyond, Paar)
1950Sam Behrens, actor (Jake Meyer-General Hospital, Sunset Beach, LA Law)
1951Chris Smith, MP (Labour)
1951Lynda Carter, Phoenix Az, Miss USA (1973)/actress (Wonder Woman)
1952Vin Weber, (Rep-R-MN, 1981- )
1953Jon Faddis, jazz trumpeter
1953Julian Brazier, MP
1953Steve Grogan, NFL QB (New England Patriots)
1954Philippe Alliot, race driver (grand prix)
1955Lubov Odinokova, USSR, team handball (Olympic-gold-1976, 80)
1957Dorothy Mays, Baltimore MD, playmate (Jul, 1979)
1957Pam Tillis, Plant City Fla, country singer (Melancholy Child)
1957Robbie Grey, rocker
1958Mick Karn, rocker
1958Pam Tills, Country music artist
1959Brian Fogt, Dayton OH, Nike golfer (1992 Ft Wayne Open-7th)
1959Edward Liddie, Union Ga, Judo fighter (Olympic-bronze-1984)
1962Kevin Butler, NFL kicker (Chic Bears)
1963Julie Krone, Benton Harbor Mich, jockey (1st female to win Belmont-93)
1963Kadeem Hardison, NYC, actor (Dwayne-Different World)
1963Karl Malone, Summeerfield LA, NBA forward (Utah, Oly-2 gold-92, 96)
1963Paul Geary, Boston Mass, heavy metal drummer (Extreme-More Than Words)
1964Barry Bonds, Riverside CA, left fielder (Pirates, SF Giants, 3X MVP)
1964Erminia Russo, Kelowna BC, volleyball player (Olympics-96)
1964Teri Schroeder, Newport Beach Ca, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-13-1993)
1965Andrew Gaze, Australian basketball player (Olympics-1984, 88, 92, 96)
1965Brian Blades, NFL wide receiver (Seattle Seahawks)
1965Joe Oliver, Memphis TN, catcher (Cin Reds)
1965Kadeem Hardison, actor (A Different World, The Sixth Man)
1967Jasper Teule, Dutch rock singer/bassist (Pilgrims-Once to Everything)
1968John P Navin Jr, Phila, actor (Joey Elliot-Jennifer Slept Here)
1968Mark Gunn, NFL defensive end (Phila Eagles)
1969Chris King, NBA forward (Vancouver Grizzlies)
1969Rick Fox, NBA guard/forward (LA Lakers, Boston Celtics)
1969Steve Jennings, Wash DC, field hockey midfielder (Olympics-96)
1970Blaine Bishop, NFL safety (Houston Oilers)
1970Gerald Ressman, hockey forward (Team Austria 1998)
1970Philip Sykes, Tacoma Wash, field hockey defender (Olympics-96)
1970Stephanie Adams, NJ, playmate (Nov, 1992)
1973Tasha Ebanks, Miss Universe-Cayman Islands (1996)
1974Steve Bornhoeft, LaGrange Ill, canoe (alt-Olympics-96)
1975Gloria Pizzichini, Italy, tennis star
1976Anita Nall, US, breaststroke swimmer (Olympics-gold-1992)
1976Chris[tian] Patrick Raymond Ahrens, Whitefish Bay Wis, rower (Oly-96)
1976Scott Logan, Brisbane QLD Australia, swimmer (Olympics-96)
1977Arnold Bruggink, Dutch soccer player (FC Twente)
1977Lee EunHee, Miss Korea Universe (1997)
1982Anna Paquin, oscar winning actress (Piano)
1987Mara Wilson, actress (Mrs Doubtfire)
1990Evan James Springsteen, LA Calif, rocker Bruce Springsteen's son
1993Arissa Seagal, daughter of Kelly LeBrock & Steven Seagal
Deaths for tomorrow in history Events  Birthdays
1345Jacob van Artevelde, statesman, murdered
1652Johann Weichmann, composer, dies at 32
1704Istv n Gyöngyösi, Hungarian poet (Janos Kemény), dies in battle
1712Cornelis earl of Nassau, general-major/mister of Woudenberg, dies
1739Benedetto Marcello, composer, dies on 53rd birthday
1756George Vertue, engraver, dies
1758John Dyer, poet, dies
1809Johann Gottfried Eckard, composer, dies at 74
1812Joseph Schuster, composer, dies at 63
1819Sophie Gail, composer, dies at 43
1826Jacob Kimball, composer, dies at 65
1831Maria Agata Szymanowska, composer, dies at 41
1837Charles Hodges, English/Dutch portrait painter
1842John Sell Cotman, landscape painter, dies
1846Joseph Leopold Eybler, Austrian composer/choir master, dies at 81
1846Louis Napoleon, French king of the Netherlands (1806-10), dies at 67
1862Martin Van Buren, 8th pres (1837-41), dies in Kinderhook NY at 79
1865Johan Filip von Schantz, composer, dies at 30
1868George Cattermole, painter/illustrator, dies
1876Thomas Molleson Mudie, composer, dies at 66
1883Matthew Webb, English Channel swimmer, drowns above Niagara Falls
1900Ferdinand Hamet, Dutch missionary in Mongolia, murdered at 59
1931Marie WF Treub, Dutch economist/minister of finance, dies at 75
1933Max von Schillings, composer, dies at 65
1936James Philip Dunn, composer, dies at 52
1944Jan Postma, leader of illegal Dutch party (CPN), executed at 49
1947Ernest Austin, composer, dies at 72
1950Robert W Lehnhoff, [Executioner of Groningen], SS fhrer, executed
1954Mary Church Terrell, educator/civil rights leader, dies at 90
1957Sacha Guitry, actor/playwright/director (Lovers & Thieves), dies at 72
1960Carl Deis, composer, dies at 77
1960Hans Albers, German actor (Blue Angel), dies at 68
1962Victor Moore, comedian, dies of heart attack at 86
1964Erwin F Finlay-Freundlich, British astronomer, dies
1965Constance Bennett, actress (Madame X, Topper), dies at 59
1965Irene Browne, actress (Peg O' My Heart), dies of cancer at 69
1966Tony Lema, US golfer, dies at 32
1967Little Billy Rhodes, dies of stroke at 72
1969Witold Gombrowicz, Polish author (Ferdydurke, Dziennik), dies at 64
1971Alan Rawsthorne, composer, dies at 66
1972Bobby Ramirez, drummer (White Trash), killed at 23 in bar brawl
1973Mary Frasca, singer/actress, dies in NYC
1974Chris Chubbock, newscaster, shoots self on air
1974Ernest Milton, actor (Julius Caesar, Cat Girl), dies at 84
1974James Chadwick, English physicist (Nobel 1935), dies at 82
1979Archie Duncan, actor (Sherlock Holmes), dies at 65
1980Peter Sellers, actor (Pink Panther, Mouse that Roared), dies at 54
1986Fritz A Lipman, discoverer (co-enzymes, Nobel 1953), dies at 87
1986Laurie Nash, cricketer (two Tests for Australia 1932-36), dies
1989Ernest Morrison, actor (Peggy Does Her Darndest), dies
1990Alan Clarke, director (Elephant, Road, Scum, Firm), dies at 54
1991Freddie Brown, cricketer (English Test captain 1950-51), dies
1991Isaac B Singer, Polish/US writer (Yentl, Nobel 1978), dies at 87
1991Karl Ellis, dies at 41
1992Lillian Oppenheimer, orgamist, dies of a heart attack at 93
1992Khaled Mahmoud Saeed, asst to Palestine terrorist Abu Nidal, murdered
1992Arlette-Leonie Arletty, dies at 94
1993Ben[jamin S] Polak, Dutch physician/resistance fighter, dies
1993Francis Bouygues, French entrepreneur/billionaire, dies at 70
1993Lonnie D'Orsa, dies at 96
1994Grete Schickedanz, German head mistress, dies at 82
1994Wangila Napunyi, welterweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1988), dies at 26
1995Werner Grusch, film director, dies at 51
1995Jerzy Bonawentura Toeplitz, film maker/teacher, dies at 94
1995Jeremiah Jerry Patrick Lordam, songwriter/compser, dies at 61
1995Don Richard Carpenter, novelist, dies at 64
1996"Jock" John Wallace, soccer player/manager, dies at 60
1996Howard Vernon, actor (Faceless, Delicatessen), dies at 82
1996Jock Wallace, football player/manager, dies at 60
1996Virginia Christine, actress (Mrs Olson), dies at 76
1997Saw Maung, general/president of Myanmar (Burma) (1988-92), dies
1997William J Brennan, supreme court justice (1956-90), dies at 91

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