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On this day in history Birthdays  Deaths

0802 Empress Irene of Byzantium driven out
0834 1st All Hallows Eve (Halloween) observed to honor the saints
1517 Luther posts 95 theses on Wittenberg church-Protestant Reformation
1541 Michelangelo Buonarroti's paints "last judgement" in 16th Chapel
1552 Emperor Karel & Markgraaf Albecht strike siege for Metz
1596 English/French/Dutch delegates sign anti-Spanish "Drievoudig Covenant"
1617 Laurens Reael resigns as governor-general of East-Indies
1714 Georg Ludwig van Hannover crowned as English King George I
1759 Earthquake in Safed Palestine kills hundred
1793 Execution of Girondins at Paris, during Reign of Terror
1794 John Dalton 1st lecture to Manchester Literary/Philosophical Society
1808 Holland Brigade battle at Durango, Spain
1815 Sir Humphrey Davy of London patents miner's safety lamp
1837 Collision of river boat Monmouth & Trement on Miss; 300 die
1846 Donner party, unable to cross the Donner Pass, construct a winter camp
1864 Nevada admitted as 36th state
1868 Standard uniform approved for postal carriers
1871 Founding of Netherland Protestant Union in Dokkum
1876 Cyclone hits Bengal, about 200,000 die
1881 Metropolitan club plays its last game of its non-league season They win 80 of 151 games (18-43 versus NL teams)
1887 Rimski-Korsakov's "Capricio Espag¤ol," premieres in St Petersburg
1888 John Boyd Dunlop patents pneumatic bicycle tire
1900 AL pres Ban Johnson writes to NL pres Nick Young seeking peace
1905 Great revolutionary demonstration for amnesty in St Petersburg
1906 George Bernard Shaw's "Caesar & Cleopatra," premieres in NYC
1907 Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club's 1st game defeating Strathcona Rugby Foot-ball Club 15-0 at Calgary
1908 4th Olympic games ends in London
1914 Great Britain & France declare war on Turkey
1916 Clare Kummer's "Good Gracious Annabelle," premieres in NYC
1917 Eugene O'Neill's "In the Zone," premieres in NYC
1918 Spanish flu-virus kills 21,000 in US in 1 week
1920 Romania annexes Bessarabia
1921 Federation Sportive Feminine Intl forms (1st woman track & field assn)
1922 Benito Mussolini (Il Duce) becomes premier of Italy
1922 Karel & Josef Capék's "World We Live In," premieres in NYC
1925 Cossack officer Reza Chan replaces sultan Ahmad Shah in Persia
1932 Greek govt of Venizelos falls
1937 Spanish govt moves from Valencia to Barcelona
1939 27 U boats sunk this month (135,000 ton)
1940 63 U boats sunk this month (325,000 ton)
1940 Battle of Britain: Germany & Britair control of English Channel, ends
1940 Deadline for Warsaw Jews to move into Warsaw Ghetto
1941 13 U boats sunk this month (62,000 ton)
1941 Mount Rushmore is completed
1941 Prior to US in WW II, Germany torpedoes US destroyer Reuben James
1942 94 U boats sunk this month (619,000 ton)
1942 9th day in battle at El Alamein
1943 Wash Redskin Sammy Baugh passes for 6 touchdowns vs Bkln (48-10)
1944 Chief of staff Kruls names De Quay chairman of Universal Commission
1949 "Regina" opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 86 performances
1949 Amsterdam Telegraph-director/SS'er Henri Holdert sentenced to 12 years
1949 WOC (now KWQC) TV channel 6 in Davenport, IA (NBC) 1st broadcast
1950 Collazo & Torresola attempt to kill Truman in Washington, DC
1951 Second Chamber accept plan-Schuman
1952 1st thermonuclear bomb detonated-Marshall Islands
1953 TV broadcasting begins in Belgium
1954 Algerian Revolution against French begins
1954 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA Texas Golf Open
1954 KREM TV channel 2 in Spokane, WA (CBS/ABC) begins broadcasting
1955 Mgr Alfrink appointed archbishop of Utrecht
1956 1st American to land an airplane at South Pole-Rear Adm GJ Dufek
1956 Britain & France begin to bomb Egypt to reopen Suez Canal
1956 Brooklyn, NY ends streetcar service
1957 "Jamaica" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 558 performances
1959 Lee Harvey Oswald announces in Moscow he will never return to US
1959 USSR & Egypt sign contracts for building Aswan Dam
1960 Cyclone hits coast of Gulf of Bengal; about 10,000 die
1961 Hurricane Hattie, kills 400 in British Honduras
1961 Federal judge rules that Birmingham, Alabama, laws against integrated playing fields are illegal
1963 Ed Sullivan witnesses Beatles & their fans at London Airport
1963 J Edgar Hoover last meeting with president John F Kennedy
1963 Leaking propane gas explodes, kills 64 at "Holiday on Ice" (Indiana)
1964 Barbra Streisand's "People," album goes #1 for 5 weeks
1967 KIMO TV channel 13 in Anchorage, AK (ABC) begins broadcasting
1967 Nguyen Van Thieu took oath of office as 1st pres of S Vietnam 2nd Rep
1967 SF's Mike McCormick wins NL Cy Young Award
1968 Linda Eastman moves to UK permanently
1968 Milwaukee Bucks win their 1st game beating Detroit 138-118 (6th game)
1968 President Johnson orders a halt to all bombing of North Vietnam
1968 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1969 George Harrison's "Something" is released in UK
1969 Race riot in Jacksonville Florida
1971 "On the Town" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 65 performances
1972 Gaylord Perry wins AL Cy Young award
1973 Tom Seaver wins NL Cy Young Award
1974 Bundy victim (?) Laura Aime disappears in Utah
1974 Marines terminate gijzelingsactie in strafgevangenis Scheveningen
1975 Bob Geldof 1st appearance with Boomtown Rats
1976 Javed Miandad, 206 v NZ, age 19 yrs 141 days (29 fours 1 six)
1978 Iranian oil workers go on strike
1978 People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South) adopts constitution
1979 Mike Flanagan, wins AL Cy Young Award
1979 US DC-10 crashes at Mexico-City, 74 killed
1980 Julian Nott sets world hot-air balloon altitude record (16,806 m)
1980 Polish government recognizes Solidarity
1980 Senegal routes troops to Gambia due to Libyan threat
1981 1st live radio drama in 25 years (Halloween Story on NBC)
1982 "Rock 'n Roll!: The 1st..." closes at St James NYC after 9 perfs
1982 Pope John Paul II becomes 1st pontiff to visit Spain
1983 Paul McCartney releases "Pipes of Peace" album
1983 Ron Grant completes a 217 day, 8,316 mile run around Australia
1984 Howard Goodall/Melvyn Bragg's musical "Hired Man," premieres in London
1984 Puerto Rican tanker, San Francisco explodes spilling 2 million gallons of oil as ship caught fire
1985 Last day in Test cricket for Zaheer Abbas
1987 1st jockey to win 9 races in 1 day (Chris Antley at Belmont)
1987 A pair in Coventry, England ties world record for longest singles tennis match at 80 hrs 21 minutes
1988 19°F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in Oct
1988 1st Monday Night NFL game in Indianapolis, Colts beat Denver 55-23
1988 Journalists demand greater press freedom in Yugoslavia
1989 AR Gurney's "Love Letters," premieres in NYC
1989 France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1989 Turgat Ozal elected president of Turkey
1989 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1990 Pakistan make 3-0 drubbing of NZ, Waqar Younis 29 series wkts
1991 Palestinians attend US mideast peace talks in Madrid
1992 Don Keller makes his 18,000th sky diver
1992 Roman Catholic church reinstates Galileo Galilei after 359 years
1992 Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs: A P Indy, Fraise, Gilded Time, Liza, Lure, Paseana, Thirty Slews at Gulfstream Park
1993 "Wonderful Tennessee" closes at Plymouth Theater NYC after 9 perfs
1993 25 people killed during Ghana-Ivory Coast soccer match
1993 Germany unemployment hits country record of 3.5 million
1993 Rapper Tupac Shakur charged with aggravated assault
1993 US wins Nichirei International LPGA Golf Tournament
1994 American Eagle ATR-72 crash down at Gary, Indiana: 68 killed
1995 NHL NJ Devils agree to stay in NJ
1997 British au pair Louise Woodward, 19, sentenced to life in death of Matthew Eappen 8Ť months (judge changes to time served)

Famous birthdays for this day Events  Deaths

1291Philippe de Vitry, French composer/poet
1345Ferdinand I, the wise one, king of Portugal (built navy)
1424Wladyslaw III Warnenczyk, king of Poland/Hungary
1541Hendrik van Kinschot, Dutch lawyer
1620John Evelyn, British diarist (Life of Mrs Godolphin)
1632Jan Vermeer, Holland, painter (Procuress, Astronomer)
1638Meindert Hobbema, Amsterdams landscape painter, baptised
1705Clemens XIV, [Giovanni Ganganelli], Pope (1769-74)
1740William Paca, US judge/signer (Declaration of Independence)
1750Leonor de Almeida marquesa de Alorna, Portuguese poet
1755Jean Louis van Aelbroeck, Flemish agronomist
1757Ignaz Spangler, composer
1761Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck, Dutch patriot/earl/Grand Pensionary
1785George F Kersting, German painter
1791Ferdinand Huber, composer
1795John Keats, London, England, romantic poet (Ode to a Grecian Urn)
1815Karl Weierstrass, Germany, mathematician (theory of functions)
1825Raleigh Edward Colston, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1896
1826Hugh Boyle Ewing, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1905
1831Daniel Butterfield, Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1901
1835Adelbert Ames, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1933
1835J F W Adolf Ritter von Baeyer, German chemist (Nobel 1905)
1847Galileo Ferraris, Italian physicist (2-fasenmotor)
1852Mary E W Freeman, US writer (Revolt of Mother)
1854Georg A Erman, German Egyptologist (Grammar of Ancient Egypt)
1860Juliette Gordon Low, activist/founder (Girl Scouts of America)
1875Seerp Anema, poet/writer (Dutch Coasts)
1876Eduard van Oort, zoologist (Ornithology of Netherlands)
1887Chiang Kai-shek, Chekiang Province China, pres of Nationalist China
1887Edouard Lalonde, Canada, NHLer (Mont Canadiens)/lacrosse player
1888George Hubert Wilkins, Aust, polar explorer (Flying the Arctic)
1888Harold Vincent Milligan, composer
1891Charlotte "Lotte" Bartschart, German/Dutch operetta singer
1892Ruth Fuller Sasaki, US, Zen teacher (1st Zen Institute of America)
1893Sara Allgood, Dublin Ireland, actress (Jane Eyre, Spiral Staircase)
1895Basil H Liddell Heart, English military historian/publicist
1895C K Nayudu, cricketer (brother of C S, India's 1st Test capt)
1896Ethel Waters, Chester Pa, actress (Beulah)/singer (Stormy Weather)
1897Wilbur (Pete) Henry, NFL tackle (Canton, NY Giants, Pottsville)
1898Alfred Sauvy, French statistician (Affluence & Population)
1900Carl Hubbard, Missouri, baseball & football Hall of Famer
1902Charles Drummond de Andrade, Brazilian poet (Claro Enigma)
1902Eduard Franz, Milwaukee Wisc, actor (Zorro)
1902Willie Shaw, race car driver (Indy 500-1937, 39, 40)
1906Jo Vis, resistance fighter (Yad Vashem-distinction)
1906Louise Talma, Arcachon France, composer (Summer Sounds)
1907Helen Lessore, artist
1912Dale Evans, [Frances Butts], Uvalde Tx, cowgirl (Roy Rogers Show)
1912Jean Améry, [Johannes Mayer], Austrian writer (At the Minds Limit)
1917Erik Routley, composer
1917William Hardy McNeill, historian (Rise of the West)
1920Dick Francis, Wales, jockey/detective writer (Whip Hand, High Stakes)
1922Barbara Bel Geddes, NYC, actress (Vertigo, Miss Ellie-Dallas, Caught)
1922Norodom Sihanouk, king/pres/prem Cambodia (My War with the CIA)
1923Hicks B Waldron, Amsterdam NY, CEO (Avon)
1926Shirley Dinsdale, SF Calif, ventriloquist (Judy Splinters)
1927Lee Grant, [Lyova Haskell Rosenthal], NYC, actress (Shampoo, Landlord)
1928Andrew Sarris, movie critic (Village Voice)
1929Bud Spencer, Italian actor (Aladdin, Extralarge, Go For It)
1930Michael Collins, Rome, Mjr Gen USAF/astronaut (Gemini 10, Apollo 11)
1930Ray Crane, trumpeter
1931Dan Rather, Wharton Tx, news anchor (CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes)
1931David Lumsdaine, composer
1934Norman Beaton, actor (Eureka, Black Joy, Mighty Quinn)
1934Walter Steffens, composer
1936Sergei Nikolayevich Gaidukov, Russia, cosmonaut
1937Michael Landon, Forest Hills NY, actor (Bonanza, Highway to Heaven)
1937Tom Paxton, Chicago, folk singer/songwriter (Forest Lawn)
1938Rives McBee, Denton TX, PGA golfer (1989 RJR Bank One Classic)
1941Lucas Brown Jackson, San Marcos Tx, basketballer (Olympic-gold-1964)
1942Ben M J Hennekam, Dutch MP (CDA)
1942David Ogden Stiers, Peoria Ill, actor (Winchester-M*A*S*H, Doc)
1943Stephen Rea, actor (Crying Game, Michael Collins)
1944Deidre Hall, Milwaukee, actress (Days of our Lives, Our House)
1944Kinky Friedman, Palestine Tx, country rocker (Ride 'em Jewboy)
1944Sally Kirkland, NYC, actress (Anna, Sting, Pvt Benjamin, Big Bad Mama)
1946Ramnath Parkar, cricket batsman (Indian in 2 Tests v England 1972-73)
1947Frank Shorter, Munich Germany, US marathoner (Oly-gold/silver-72, 76)
1947Russ Ballard, rocker (Argent)
1949Bob Selbenberg, rocker (Supertramp)
1949Dumisa B Ntsebeza, S African attorney/anti-apartheid activist
1949Mike Parker, (Rep-D-Mississippi)
1949Odaline de la Martinez, composer
1949Terrence W Wilcutt, Russellville Ky, Major USMC/astronaut (STS 68, 79)
1950Jane Pauley, Indianapolis Indiana, newscaster (Today, NBC Weekend)
1950John Candy, Ontario Canada, comedian (SCTV, Uncle Buck)
1952Bernard Edwards, Greenville NC, bassist (Chicago-Addicted to Love)
1953John Lucas, Durham NC, NBA guard (Houston, Golden State, Milwaukee)
1958Russell Earl Cochran, Paducah KY, PGA golfer (1991 Centel Western)
1959Ann Henricksson, St Paul MN, tennis star
1959Val Kilmer, actor (Top Secret, Batman Forever)
1960Janice Harrer, Torrance Ca, WPVA volleyballer (US Open-1989, Oly-96)
1960Reza Pahlavi, Iran, son of Shah of Iran
1961Alonzo Babers, Montgomery Ala, 400m/4X400m relay (Olympic-gold-1984)
1961Christine Bridged, Australian European class yachter (Olympics-96)
1961Glenn "Doc" Rivers, NBA guard (San Antonio Spurs)
1961Larry Mullen Jr, Dublin Ireland, rock drummer (U2-I Will Follow)
1961Sterling Hinds, Toronto, 4X100m relayer (Olympic-bronze-1984)
1963Dermot Mulroney, Alexandria VA, actor (Samantha, Sunset, Long Gone)
1963Fred McGriff, Tampa FL, infielder (Atlanta Braves)
1963Johnny Marr, rocker (Smiths-Ask, Girl Afraid)
1963Rob Schneider, actor (SNL, Jamie Coleman-Men Behaving Badly)
1964Amanda Sandrelli, Rome Italy, actress (The Key)
1964Marco van Basten, Dutch soccer star (Ajax, AC Milan)
1965Annabella Lwin, [Myant Aye], Rangoon Burma, singer (I Want Candy)
1965Blue Edwards, NBA guard (Vancouver Grizzlies)
1965Ruud Hesp, soccer player (Roda JC)
1966Ad-Rock, [Adam Horowitz], rocker (Beastie Boys-You Gotta Fight)
1966Brian Keyser, Castro Valley CA, pitcher (Chic White Sox)
1966Koji Kanemoto, wrestler (NJPW/AAA/UWA, Tiger Mask, King Lee)
1967Vanilla Ice, rap singer (Ice Ice Baby)/actor (Cool as Ice)
1968Antonio Davis, NBA forward/center (Indiana Pacers)
1968Eddie Taubensee, Beeville TX, catcher (Cin Reds)
1968Russ McCullough, WLAF offensive linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1968Vanilla Ice, [Robert Van Winkle], rapper (Ice Ice Baby)
1969Damon Mashore, Ponce Puerto Rico, outfielder (Oakland A's)
1969Henry John Mills, NFL tight end (Houston Oilers)
1969Lee Woodall, NFL linebacker (SF 49ers)
1970Steve Trachsel, Oxnard Calif, pitcher (Chic Cubs)
1971Phillip Tataurangi, Auckland NZ, Australasia golfer
1972Clifford Rozier, NBA center/forward (Golden State Warriors)
1972Jamie Asher, NFL tight end (Washington Redskins)
1973Fiona Smith, ice hockey defenseman (Canada, Oly-98)
1973Ross Verba, NFL tackle (Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31)
1974Jeff Gooch, linebacker (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
1974Julie Minta Gleneck, Miss New Hampshire USA (1996)
1974Serge Heuveling, soccer player (NEC)
1975Carla Boyd, Wynyard Tasmania, basketball player (Olympics-bronze-96)
1975Jagan Hames, Australian decathlete (Olympics-96)
1978Joselina Garcia, Miss Honduras Universe (1997)

Famous deaths for this day Events  Birthdays

1448 Johannes VIII Palaeologus, Emperor of Byzantine, dies
1556 John Sleidanus, German humanist/historian (Commentary), dies at 50
1634 Erasmus Widmann, composer, dies at 62
1641 Cornelis C Jol, [Houtebeen], adm (South-America), dies at about 41
1654 Francisco Correa de Arauxo, composer, dies
1661 Mehmed Köprl, Albanian great vizier of Turkey, dies
1664 Willem Frederik of Nassau-Dietz, viceroy of Friesland, dies at 51
1723 Cosimo III de' Medici, monarch of Florence (1670-1723), dies at 81
1744 Leonardo Ortensio Salvatore de Leo, composer, dies at 50
1765 Duke of Cumberland, English politician/uncle of George III, dies
1768 Francesco Maria Veracini, Italian opera composer, dies at 78
1793 Pierre V Vergniaud, French politician/police leader, guillotined at 40
1806 Sophie Mereau, writer, dies at 36
1815 Daniel Belknap, composer, dies at 44
1851 Peter II Petrovic Njegos, bishop of Montenegro (1830-51), dies at 37
1860 Johan Nathan, murderer, hanged
1863 Louis Ludwig Blenker, German/US brig-general (Union), dies at 51
1865 William Parson, 3rd Earl of Rosse & maker of large telescopes, dies
1870 Mihaly Mosonyi, composer, dies at 55
1879 Big Snake, brother of Ponca chief Standing Bear, dies
1887 George Alexander Macfarren, composer, dies at 74
1895 Franz Hedrich, Austria writer, dies at about 62
1902 Cornélie Huygens, Dutch feminist/writer, dies
1902 Jean-Baptist Colyns, composer, dies at 67
1917 Tibby Cotter, cricketer (at Beersheba 49 wickets for Australia), dies
1918 Egon Schiele, Austria painter/graphic artist, dies at 28
1918 Stephen Tisza, Hungarian PM (-1917), assassinated by soldiers
1925 Max Linder, actor (Man in the Silk Hat), dies at 41
1926 Harry Houdini, [Erich Weisz], US magician, dies in Detroit
1939 Otto Rank, [Rosenfeld], Austria psychoanalyst (Trauma of Geburt), dies
1941 Herwarth Walden, writer, dies at 63
1943 Max Reinhardt, Austrian stage manager (Turandot), dies
1945 Henry Ainley, actor (As You Like It), dies at 66
1948 Cissy van Marxfield, [Setske Beek-de Han], writer, dies
1949 Edward R Stettinius, US foreign minister (1944-45)/diplomat, dies
1950 Carel T Scharten, Dutch poet/writer (Lost Paradise), dies at 72
1950 Jozef C Bittremieux, Flemish theologist, dies at 72
1956 Pietro Badoglio, Premier of Italy (1943-44), dies at 85
1960 H L Davis, US writer (Honey in the Horn, Pulitzer prize), dies at 64
1963 Henry Daniell, actor (Camille, Body Snatchers), dies at 69
1964 Theodore C Freeman, astronaut, dies at 34 in a T-38 jet air crash
1965 Rita Johnson, actress (All Mine to Give), dies at 53
1967 Jan Mens, Dutch writer (Honor to God Alone), dies at 70
1968 Ramon Novarro, [José RG Samaniegos], actor (Ben Hur), dies at 69
1969 Hugo Pfister, composer, dies at 55
1970 P l Szabó, Hungarians farmer/writer (Isten Malmai), dies
1971 Gerhard von Rad, German old testament expert, dies at 70
1975 Joseph Calleia, actor (Jungle Book, Gilda), dies at 78
1976 Linda Watkins, actress (From Hell it Came, Harpy), dies at 68
1977 Joan Tetzel, actress (Hell Below Zero), dies at 56
1983 George S Halas, NFL coach (Chicago Bears), dies at 88
1984 Eduardo De Filippo, director (7 Deadly Sins, Shoot Loud), dies at 84
1984 Indira Gandhi, PM of India, assassinated by 2 of her bodyguards at 66
1986 Robert S Mulliken, US physicist (Nobel 1966), dies at 90
1987 Joseph Campbell, mythologist (Mythic Image), dies at 83
1988 John Houseman, actor (Paper Chase, Fog), dies of spinal cancer at 86
1989 Conrad Beck, composer, dies at 88
1990 Graig Russel, Canadian travel expert/transvestite, dies
1990 Hugh McPhillips, dies at 70
1991 Bert Bertram, actor (How to Steal a Million), dies of cancer at 97
1991 James Marshall, US children's book writer/illustrator, dies at 50
1991 Johan Schmitz, actor (Gysbregt van Aemstel/Soldat van Orange), dies
1991 Joseph Papp, Broadway producer (Chorus Line), dies of cancer at 70
1993 Adriaan Venema, Dutch journalist/art dealer, commits suicide at 52
1993 Edwin A Walker, US Maj-Gen, dies of lung cancer at 84
1993 Federico Fellini, director (La Dolce Vita), dies of stroke at 73
1993 River Phoenix, actor (Stand By Me), dies of drug overdose at 23
1994 John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy, English art historian, dies at 80
1994 Jole Silvani, [Niobe Quaiatti], Ital actress (La citta' Delle), dies
1994 Lester Sill, pioneer music publisher/record producer, dies at 76
1994 William John Readings, literary theorist, dies at 34
1995 Alan Dudley Bush, composer pianist/teacher, dies at 94
1995 Derek Anthony Enright, politician, dies at 60
1995 Henry A Walter Richard Percy, 11th Duke of Northumberland, dies at 42
1995 Lavad "Dr Hepcat" Durst, vocal/piano, dies at 82
1995 Leonard Ernest John Chant, social Worker, dies at 57
1995 Lloyd Lambert, bassist, dies at 67
1995 Louis Levy Jr, music publisher, dies at 84
1995 Rosalind Cash, actress (Emma-Go Tell It on the Mountain), dies at 56
1995 Wallace Edward Rowling, PM of NZ (1974-1975), dies at 68
1996 Andrew Hutchings, teachers' leader, dies at 88
1996 Granville James Leveson Gower, land owner, dies at 77
1996 John Gorman, printer/socialist historian, dies at 66
1996 Peter Muir Doig, politician, dies at 85
1997 Wilfrid Ewart Oulton, airman, dies at 86

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