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On this day in history Birthdays  Deaths

1199 Rambam (Maimonides) authorizes Samuel Ibn Tibbon to translate Guide of Perplexed from Arabic into Hebrew
1399 King Richard II of England abdicates throne
1452 1st book published, Johann Guttenberg's Bible
1520 Suleiman I succeeds his father SelŒm I as sultan of Turkey
1544 King Henry VIII draws his armies out of France
1555 Oxford Bishop Nicholas Ridley sentenced to death as a heretic
1619 Remonstrant Society forms in Antwerp
1626 Battle between king Bethlen G bor & earl Mansfeld-Wallenstein ends
1649 Last Swedish troops vacate Prague
1659 Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked (according to Defoe)
1659 Peter Stuyvesant of New Netherlands forbids tennis playing during religious services (1st mention of tennis in US)
1681 Netherlands & Sweden sign treaty
1730 Duke Victor Amadeus XI of Savoye resigns
1777 Congress, flees to York Pa, as British forces advance
1787 1st US voyage around the world - Columbia leaves Boston
1791 Mozart's opera "Magic Flute" premieres in Vienna
1805 Napoleons army draws into the Rhine
1808 Covent Garden Theatre Royal destroyed by fire
1818 Congress of Aken: Russia, Austria, Prussia, France & England
1841 Samuel Slocum patented the stapler
1846 Anesthetic ether used for 1st time (Dr Wm Morton extracts a tooth)
1857 US occupies Sand, Baker, Howland & Jarvis Is south of Hawaii
1862 Battle of Newtonia, MS
1864 Battle of Preble's Farm VA (Poplar Springs Church)
1864 Black Soldiers given Medal of Honor
1867 Midway Islands formally declared a US possession
1868 Spain's Queen Isabella is deposed, flees to France
1877 1st US amateur swim meet (NY Athletic Club)
1878 1st Portuguese immigrants arrive in Hawaii
1880 Henry Draper takes that 1st photograph of Orion Nebula
1885 Bechuanaland becomes a British protectorate
1887 Start of Sherlock Holmes Adventure "Five Orange Pips" (BG)
1887 Volunteer (US) beats Thistle (Scotland) in 8th America's Cup
1888 "Jack the Ripper" butchers 2 more women, Liz Stride & Kate Eddowes
1895 France proclaims a protectorate over Madagascar
1898 City of NY established
1904 White Sox lefty Doc White, pitches his 5th shutout in 18 days
1907 Cards Ed Konetchy steals home twice & Joe Delahanty also steals home for record 3 steals of home (vs Boston)
1908 Maurice Maeterlinck's "L'oiseau Blue," premieres in Moscow
1915 Red Sox clinch AL pennant by beating Detroit
1916 Giants lose to Braves 8-3, ends 26 consecutive win streak
1919 Avery Hopwood's "Gold Diggers," premieres in NYC
1920 Time Square Theater opens at 217 W 42nd St NYC
1922 Govt of Alexandros Zaimis forms in Greece
1922 Yanks clinch pennant #2, beating Boston 3-1
1923 Canton Bulldogs win 1st on way to 17-0 season
1924 Allies stop checking on German navy
1925 General P ngulos disbands Greek parliament
1926 German/French/Belgian/Luxembourg steel cartel closes
1927 Babe Ruth hits record setting 60th HR (off Tom Zachary)
1928 Le Sifflet publishes 1st precursor of Kuifje (Tintin)
1928 Leon Vanderstuyft of Belgium cycles record 76 mi 604 yds in 1 hr
1929 1st manned rocket plane flight (by auto maker Fritz von Opel)
1933 Berlin/Hart/Heyman/Myers ballet "As Thousands Cheer," premieres in NYC
1934 Babe Ruth's final game as a Yankee, goes 0 for 3
1934 FDR dedicates Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam)
1934 St Louis Card clinch pennant as Dizzy Dean wins his 30th of year
1935 Gershwin's "Porgy & Bess" premieres in Boston
1936 Intl Commission of Straits (Dardanelles & Bosphorus) ends
1936 Pinewood Studios opens in Buckinghamshire England
1937 6th Ryder Cup: US, 8-4 at Southport & Ainsdale, England
1938 British premier Chamberlain arrives in Munich
1938 Munich Agreement-forced Czechoslovakia to give territory to Germany
1939 1st televised college football game (Fordham vs Waynesburg at NYC)
1939 41 U-boats sunk this month (153,000 ton)
1939 Germany & Russia agree to partition Poland
1939 White Sox reliever Clint Brown sets record of 61st relief appearance
1940 47 German aircrafts shot down above England
1940 59 U-boats sunk this month (295,000 tons)
1941 3,721 Jews are buried alive at Babi Yarravine (near Kiev) Ukraine
1941 53 U-boats sunk this month (202,000 tons)
1941 German assault on Moscow: operation-Taifun, begins
1942 98 U-boats sunk this month (485,000 tons)
1942 Adm Nimitz' B-17 finding Guadalcanal using National Geographic map
1942 SS exterminates 3,500 Jews in Zelov Lodz Poland in 6 week period
1943 Pope Pius XII encyclical on Divine spirit
1944 -Oct 1] Failed attack on German officers near Putten Neth
1944 Calais reoccupied by Allies
1944 Dutch General Mine Workers Union (ABWM) forms
1945 Hank Greenberg's final day HR wins pennant for Tigers
1946 22 Nazi leaders found guilty of war crimes at Nremberg
1946 Von Ribbentrop & Goering sentence to death by Nremberg trial
1947 Yanks beat Dodgers 5-3-largest WS crowd 73,365-1st WS televised
1949 Berlin Airlift ends after 277,000 flights
1949 Pirates Ralph Kiner hits his 54th HR & NL record 16th in September
1950 1st congress of International Astronautical Federation opens in Paris
1950 Radio's "Grand Ole Opry" is broadcasted on TV for 1st time
1950 WSM TV channel 4 in Nashville, TN (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 Auguste/Jacques Piccard dives with bathosphere to 3150 m (record)
1953 Earl Warren appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
1953 Robert Anderson's "Tea & Sympathy," premieres in NYC
1953 WICS TV channel 20 in Springfield, IL (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 WMT (now KGAN) TV channel 2 in Cedar Rapids-Waterloo, IA (CBS) begins
1954 "Boy Friend" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 483 performances
1954 Nautilus, 1st atomic-powered vessel (sub), commissioned by the Navy
1956 Phillies Robin Roberts gives up a major league record 46th HR
1956 White Sox Jim Derrington, 16, is youngest to start a game (he loses)
1957 French govt of Mauroy, resigns due to Algeria
1957 WKYT TV channel 27 in Lexington, KY (CBS) begins broadcasting
1958 French Guinée becomes independent republic Guinea
1958 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1960 Flintstones premieres (1st prime time animation show)
1960 On Howdy Doody's last show Clarabelle finally talks "Goodbye Kids"
1960 West Germany signs trade agreement with East Germany
1961 Bill for Boston Tea Party is paid by Mayor Snyder of Oregon who wrote a check for $196, the total cost of all tea lost
1962 A's Bill Fischer ends 84 1/3 consec innings pitched without a walk
1962 JFK routes 3,000 federal troops to Mississippi
1962 James Meredith registers for classes at University of Mississippi
1962 KCRL TV channel 4 in Reno, NV (NBC) begins broadcasting
1962 KMEX TV channel 34 in Los Angeles, CA (IND) begins broadcasting
1962 Mickey Wright wins LPGA San Diego Golf Open
1962 NY Mets lose record 120th game as Cubs turn triple play & beat NY 5-1
1963 "Student Gypsy" opens at 84th St Theater NYC for 16 performances
1963 56th Postmaster General: John A Gronouski of Wis takes office
1964 "Oh What a Lovely War" opens at Broadhurst Theater NYC for 125 perfs
1965 Donovan's 1st US TV appearance (Shindig)
1965 LA Dodger Don Drysdale (23-12) wins 13th straight game, 7 by shutouts
1966 Botswana (Bechuanaland) gains independence from Britain (Natl Day)
1966 USSR performs underground nuclear test
1967 BBC starts their own popular music radio station
1967 Palace of Fine Arts reopens (1st time during 1915 exposition)
1967 USSR's Kosmos 186 & 188 complete 1st automatic docking
1968 1st Boeing 747 rolls out
1968 AL & NL umpires form a new Association of Major League Umpires
1968 Sharon Miller wins LPGA Seven Lakes Golf Invitational
1968 Supremes release "Love Child"
1969 Atlanta's 10th straight win, clinches NL West pennant
1970 New American Bible published
1971 -11/6] Rome: 3rd bishop synod
1971 Last Wash Senator home game, Yanks win career 5th forfeit game Yanks trailing 4-2 in 9th with 2 outs, fans rush field
1972 Passenger train derails killing 48 (Rust Stasie South Africa)
1972 Roberto Clemente, is 11th to get 3,000 hits
1973 3rd NYC Women's Marathon won by Nina Kuscsik in 2:57:07
1973 4th NYC Marathon won by Tom Fleming in 2:21:54
1973 Mel Gray begins NFL streak of 121 consecutive game receptions
1973 Sandra Palmer wins LPGA Cameron Park Golf Open
1973 USSR performs underground nuclear test
1973 Yanks close 50th year at Yankee Stadium losing 8-5, Ralph Houk
1973 resigns as manager
1974 Gen Francesco da Costa Gomez succeeds Gen Spínola as pres of Portugal
1975 5 drown in flash flood of sewer & water tunnel (Niagara Falls NY)
1977 Dutch Antillean government-Evertsz resigns
1977 Ringo releases "Ringo the 4th" album
1977 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
1978 Major Indoor Soccer League grants 1st 6 franchises to Cincinnati,
1978 Phillies clinch NL East title
1978 Cleveland, Houston, NY, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh Phillies win 3rd consecutive NL East Division title
1979 Milwaukee Brewers lose 5-0 ending 213 straight games without a shutout
1979 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Mary Kay Golf Classic
1980 1,754 turn out to see Phillies play NY Mets at Shea Stadium
1980 A's Rickey Henderson sets AL stolen base record at 98 en route to 100
1980 Iran rejects a truce call from Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
1980 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1981 Last game at Minn's Metropolitan Stadium, lose to KC 5-2
1981 Seoul, South Korea is selected to host 1988 Summer Olympics
1982 National railroad strike in Belgium
1984 Bowie Kuhn ends career as Baseball Commissioner
1984 Browns set a team record for allowing most sacks (11), KC wins 10-6
1984 Calif Angel Mike Witt, pitches a perfect game over Texas Rangers, 1-0
1984 NY Yankee Don Mattingly wins AL batting crown with .343 avg
1985 Howard Stern gets fired from WNBC AM (NY)
1986 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1986 US releases soviet spy Gennadiy Zakharov
1987 Suriname constitution ratified
1988 Andrei A Gromyko retires
1988 Dave Stieb, loses 2nd consecutive no hitter bid with 2 outs in 9th
1988 IBM announces shipment of 3 millionth PS/2 personal computer
1988 Louise Ritter, US, jumps 6'8" to win Olympic gold medal
1988 Robin Givens & Mike Tyson appear on Barbara Walter's Show
1988 LA Dodger Orel Herschiser breaks former Dodger Don Drysdale mark by pitching 59 consecutive scoreless innings
1989 NASA closes down tracking stations in Hawaii & Ascension
1989 Nolan Ryan's perfect game broken in 8th, but gets his 300th strikeout
1989 Senegambia separates back into Gambia & Senegal
1989 Toronto Blue Jays wins AL East title
1990 Chic White Sox beat Seattle 2-1 in last game at Comiskey Park
1990 Pitts Pirates wins NL East title
1991 Rev Jean Betrand Aristide ousted as president of Haiti
1992 26th Country Music Assn Award: Garth Brooks wins
1992 KC Royal George Brett gets 4 hits to become 18th to get 3,000 hits
1992 Mariel Hemmingway appears nude on TV show Civil Wars
1993 6.4 earthquake at Latur, India, 28,000 killed
1993 General Colin Powell retires at 56
1993 MS Dos 6.2 released
1994 NHL goes on strike
1994 Space shuttle STS-68 (Endeavour 7), launches into orbit
1994 Sylvestre Ntibantunganya elected president of Burundi
1994 Vladimir Meciars HZDDS wins Slovakia parliamentary election
1995 Cleve Indian Albert Belle hits his 50th home run of season
1997 1st time 3 cons HRs in post season-Raines, Jeter, O'Neill (NY Yankees)
1997 Hooters agrees to pay $2 million in discrimination suits
1997 Microsoft Corp releases Internet Explorer 4.0
1997 Yanks Tim Raines, Derek Jeter & Paul O'Neill are 1st to hit 3 consecutively homers in post season (Yanks beat Indians 8-6)

Famous birthdays for this day Events  Deaths

1622Johann Sebastiani, composer
1627Robinson Crusoe, fictional character according to Daniel Defoe
1685Gunther Jacob Wenceslaus, composer
1715Etienne B de Condillac, French philosopher (sensualism/Cours d'études)
1743Jeronymo Francisco de Lima, composer
1752Justin Heinrich Knecht, composer
1805Samuel Peter Heintzelman, Major General (Union volunteers)
1808Lambertus GC Ledeboer, Dutch vicar (Folies-old Calvinist communities)
1824Peter Milne, composer
1827Carlo A Alfieri, Italian MP (Liberal)
1827Kenner Garrard, Bvt Major General (Union Army), died in 1879
1832Frederick Sleigh "Bobs" Roberts, Brit gov of Natal (Ireland-Boer war)
1833Ferdinand von Saar, writer
1840Johan Severin Svendsen, composer
1847Wilhelmina E Drucker, [Lensing], Dutch feminist
1852Charles Villiers Stanford, Irish organist/composer
1856Andrejs Jurjans, composer
1857Hermann Sudermann, German writer (Honor, That Ehre, Frau Sorge)
1862Georgy Eduardovich Konyus, composer
1863Reinhard Scheer, German admiral (WW I)
1869Ernest Jones, cricket pace bowler (marvellous Aust at turn of century)
1870Jean Perrin, France, physicist, studied Brownian motion (Nobel 1926)
1871John Fabricius, Neth/English stageauthor (Ring of Prophet)
1871Ruben Mattias Liljefors, composer
1876Katherine Griffith, SF CA, actress (Pollyanna, Fast Company)
1879Ernst Isler, composer
1879Henry Casadesus, composer
1880Henri G Casadesus, French altviolist/composer (Viola d'amour)
1882George Bancroft, Phila, actor (Underworld)/wife of Octavia Brooke
1883Robert H Lightfoot, English theologist/exegetist (St John's Gospel)
1894Dirk J Bush, Dutch/US mathematician (Concise History of Mathematics)
1897Lil Dagover, [Marta-Maria Lillits], Pati Java, actress (Spiders)
1898Felix Kersten, Baltic-German/Finnish masseuse (Heinrich Himmler)
1898Johannes Rontgen, composer
1898Renée Adorée, French/US singer/actress (Tfolies-Bergère, Mr Wu)
1899Hendrik Marsman, Dutch poet/writer/critic
1900Otto Roesch, paleontologist
1902Piet[er J] "Piet" Lieftinck, Dutch minister of Finance (1945-52)
1904Frank Lawton, London England, actor (Devil Doll, Invisible Ray)
1905Michael Powell, English director/screen writer/producer (Red Shoes)
1905Nevill Francis Mott, physicist
1905Ralph Forbes, London England, actor (Romeo & Juliet, Daniel Boone)
1906Eamonn O Gallagher, composer
1906John I M Stewart, British detective writer (Comedy of Terrors)
1906Michael John Innes Mackintosh Stewart Innes, writer
1907Arnold Elston, composer
1908David Oistrakh, Odessa Russia, violinist/prof (Moscow Conservatory)
1908Edzard H Schaper, German/Swiss sailor/UP-correspondent/antifascist
1912Kenny Baker, radio singer/actor (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back)
1912Oliver Charles Anderson, novelist
1915Lester Garfield Maddox, (Gov-D-Ga)/restaurant owner
1915Robert Morris, lawyer
1917Chung Hee Park, general/pres of S Korea (1961-79), assassinated
1917Yuri "Petrovich" Lyubimov, USSR, director (Taganka)
1919Patricia Neway, Bkln NY, soprano (Consul, Maria Golovia)
1919Richard Selwyn Francis Schiling, professor of occupational health
1920Donald Keech, entrepreneur
1920Ghazar Saryan, composer
1921Deborah Kerr, Helensburg Scotland, actress (King & I, Night of Iguana)
1921Eileen Zhang Ailing Chang, writer
1922Allan Rae, cricketer (prolific WI opening batsman 1948-53)
1924Charles Quinlivan, Jersey City NJ, actor (7 Guns to Mesa)
1924Truman Capote, New Orleans LA, author (In Cold Blood)
1925Gwyn A Williams, historian/socialist
1926Peder Holm, composer
1926Robin Roberts, pitcher (Phillies, Won 28 in 1952)
1928Elie Wiesel, Romania, author (Souls on Fire)/Nazi hunter (Nobel 1986)
1929Dorothee Sölle-Nipperdey, German theologist (Politicial Nightprayer)
1930Ben Cooper, Hartford CT, actor (Rose Tattoo, Outcast, Arizona Raiders)
1931Angie Dickinson, [Angeline Brown], Kulm ND, actress (Police Woman)
1931Ray Willsey, Regina Sask, WLAF def coordinator (Frankfurt, Scotland)
1933Mars Zakirovich Rafikov, Russian cosmonaut
1934Freddie King, Gilmer Tx, blues singer (Hideaway)
1935Jill Corey, Avonmore Pa, singer (Your Hit Parade)
1935Johnny Mathis, SF, voclaist (Chances Are, 12th of Never)
1936Butler Derrick, (Rep-D-SC, 1974- )
1936James R Sasser, (Sen-D-Tenn, 1977- )
1937Jurek Becker, writer
1937Valentin Vasil'yevich Sil'vestrov, composer
1938Salvatore Michael Caruana, Mass, criminal (FBI Most Wanted List)
1939Len Cariou, Winnipeg Manitoba, actor (Four Seasons-Sherry)
1939Piet M Blauw, Dutch MP (VVD)
1940Harry Winston Jerome, Sask Canada, 100m runner (Olympic-bronze-1964)
1942Dewey Martin, Canada, rock vocalist/drummer (Buffalo Springfield)
1942Frankie Lymon, NYC, rocker (& Teenagers-Why do Fools Fall in Love)
1942Gus Dudgeon, British pop producer (Joan Armatrading, David Bowie)
1942Sture Pettersson, Sweden, cyclist (Olympic-silver-1968)
1943Jody Powell, press mouthpiece (Jimmy Carter)
1943Marilyn McCoo, Jersey City NJ, host/singer (Solid Gold, 5th Dimension)
1946Paul Sheahan, cricketer (dashing Australian Test batsman 1967-74)
1946Sylvia Peterson, US vocalist (Chiffons-He's So Fine)
1947Marc Bolan, London England, rock vocalist (T-Rex-Bang a Gong)
1947Rula Lenska, St Neots England, actress (Friends from Europe are here)
1949Michel Tognini, Vincennes France, astronaut (Soyuz TM-15, sk: STS 93)
1950Victoria Tennant, London England (All of Me, Chiefs, Winds of War)
1951Catie Ball, US, 100 m breast stroke swimmer (Olympic-4X4 gold-1968)
1951Nicholas Yermakov, US, sci-fi author (Epiphany, Jehad, Clique)
1952Darrell Hair, cricketer (Australian Test umpire since 1993-94)
1952Frank Zincavage, rocker (Romeo Void)
1953Deborah Allen, Memphis Tn, country singer (Jim Stafford Show)
1954Barry Williams, Santa Monica Calif, actor (Greg-Brady Bunch)
1954Calvin Levels, Cleveland Ohio, actor (Knightwatch)
1954Patrice Rushen, LA Calif, rock vocalist
1954Silvia Chiv s, Cuba, 100m/4x100m runner (Olympic-bronze-1972)
1955Frankie Kennedy, flute player
1956Maria Esmeralda, Belgian princess/daughter of Leopold III/Lilian Baels
1957Fran Drescher, Queens NY, actress (Cadillac Man, Nanny)
1957Gladys Portugues, NYC, Mrs Jean-Claude Van Damme/actr (It's Alive 3)
1957William Christian, Wash DC, actor (Derek Frye-All My Children)
1958Christopher Cass, Cold Spring Harbor NY, actor (Jack Forbes-Loving)
1958Marty Stuart, Phila Miss, country singer (Hillbilly Rock)
1958Nona Garson, equestrian show jumper (Olympics-96)
1958Rodwell Biggie Tembo Marasha, musician
1959Basia Trzetrzelevska, Poland, jazz singer (Time & Life)
1959Hans Werdekker, Dutch soccer player (Ajax, RKC/Amsterdam Admirals)
1959Kim Bauer, New Orleans LA, LPGA golfer (1993 Minn LPGA Classic-30th)
1960Mike Herbert, Rogers Ark, kayak (alt-Olympics-96)
1960Susan Keith, actress (Shana Vochek-Loving)
1961Chandrakant Pandit, Indian cricket wicket-keeper (late 80's)
1961Crystal Bernard, Garland TX, actress (Amy-It's a Living, Helen-Wings)
1961Eric Stoltz, actor (Anaconda, Pulp Fiction, Mask)
1962Dave Magadan, Tampa FL, 1st baseman (NY Mets, Chicago Cubs)
1962Frank Rijkaard, Surinam/Dutch soccer star (Ajax, AC Milan)
1962George Jamison, NFL linebacker (KC Chiefs)
1962Leon Hutten, soccer player (RKC)
1963Cristina Marsillach, Madrid Spain, actress (Barocco)
1963Ed Drakich, Windsor Ontario, volleyball player (Olympics-96)
1963Reb Beach, rocker (Winger)
1964Michael McKay, Australian rower (Olympics-96)
1964Stephen N Frick, Pitts PA, Lt Cmdr USN/astronaut
1967Nadine Handford, Adelaide Aust, golfer (1993 T77 Alpine Aust Ladies)
1967Yorkis Perez, Bajos de Haina Dom Rep, pitcher (Florida Marlins)
1970Eric Piatkowski, NBA guard/forward (LA Clippers)
1971Brentson Buckner, NFL defensive end (Pitts Steelers)
1971Jenna Elfman, LA Calif, actress (Townies, Dharma & Greg)
1971Ron Collins, WLAF tackle (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1972Cedric Saunders, NFL tight end (Tampa Bay Bucs, Scotland Claymores)
1972Jamal Anderson, NFL running back (Atlanta Falcons)
1972Troy Dumas, NFL linebacker (KC Chiefs)
1976Adita Linares, Miami Fla, spanish actress (Clueless, Cookie)
1977Maia Brewton, LA Calif, actress (Margaret-Lime Street)
1977Stacey Storey, Eagle River Alaska, Miss America-Alaska (1996)
1980Martina Hingis, Kosice Slovakia, tennis star (1997 Aust/US/Wimb)
1981Dominique Moceanu, Calif, gymnast (World-silver-95, Olympics-gold-96)
1982Lacey Chabert, actress (Party of Five)
1992Marina CAK Windsor, granddaughter of English prince Edward

Famous deaths for this day Events  Birthdays

0739 P'u-chi Ho-shang Tao-chao, Northern Ch'an Line Zen teacher, dies
1351 Muso Soseki, Zen teacher/Rinzai line/head of Nanzenji, dies in Japan
1572 Francisco Borgia, theologist/saint, dies at 61
1612 Ercole Bottrigari, composer, dies at 81
1630 John Billington, murderer, 1st American execution, hanged
1712 Johann Michael Zacher, composer, dies at 61
1716 Heinrich Georg Neuss, composer, dies at 62
1755 Francesco Durante, composer, dies at 71
1803 Charles Broche, composer, dies at 51
1811 Thomas Percy, English bishop of Dromore, dies at 82
1819 Nicolas Roze, composer, dies at 74
1862 Isaac Peace Rodman, banker/Union brig-gen, dies of injury at about 40
1877 Toohoolhoolzote, prophet of Nez Percé indians, dies in battle
1884 Louis Lacombe, composer, dies at 65
1885 Maria J Small-Gartmann, actress, dies at 60
1888 Catherine Eddowes, English, murdered by Jack the Ripper at 45
1888 Elizabeth Stride, Long Liz, English, murdered by Jack the Ripper at 45
1904 Sigurd Lie, composer, dies at 33
1912 Mary Frances Allitsen, composer, dies at 63
1921 Oskar Panizza, writer, dies at 77
1922 Paul Barth, German philosopher/sociologist, dies at 64
1925 Philip Hutchinson, cricketer (2 Tests for S Afr 1889), dies
1929 Charles E Bonin, French explorer/diplomat (China), dies
1935 Joannes D J Aengenent, bishop of Haarlem (1928-35), dies at 62
1940 Walter Kollo, composer, dies at 62
1952 Waldorf Astor, House of Lords & Commons/owner of Observer, dies
1954 Percie Charlton, cricketer (2 Tests for Australia 1890), dies
1955 James Dean, actor (Rebel Without a Cause), dies in car crash at 24
1955 Michael Chekhov, actor (Rhapsody, Abie's Irish Rose), dies at 64
1955 Pentti Haanpää, Finnish writer (Maantietä pitkin), dies at 49
1958 Niels Bjerrum, Danish chemist (ph-stipulation), dies at 79
1959 John H Kliegl, developer of Klieg light, dies at 89
1959 Taylor Holmes, actor (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), dies at 81
1960 Harry St John Philby, [sheik Abdullah], British explorer, dies
1963 Arnold Foster, composer, dies at 66
1965 E[dward] E[lmer] "Doc" Smith, sci-fi author (Triplanetary), dies at 75
1970 Patrick Aherne, actor (Bwana Devil, Botany Bay), dies at 69
1976 Louis Fourestier, composer, dies at 84
1978 Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist (Charlie McCarthy), dies at 75
1983 Freddy Martin, orch leader (started Merv Griffin), dies at 76
1983 William D Elliot, actor (Bernie Loves Bridget, Adam 12), dies at 49
1984 Ellsworth Bunker, US ambassador (South-Vietnam, dies at 90)
1985 Charles F Richter, US seismologist (scale of R), dies at 85
1985 Heleb MacInnes, US spy writer (Affiliate in place), dies at 77
1985 Simone Signoret, German/French actress (Room at Top, Gina), dies at 64
1987 Alfred Bester, sci-fi author (Dark Side of Earth), dies at 73
1988 Joachim Prinz, author/Rabbi of Berlin (1926-37), dies at 86
1989 Virgil Thomson, US composer/critic (4 saints in 3 acts), dies at 92
1990 Liesbeth de Uyl-of Vessem, feminist/wife of Joop du, dies
1990 Michel Levis, French cultural anthropologist/writer, dies
1990 Patrick White, Australian writer (Nobel 1973), dies
1991 Nancy Welford, entertainer, dies at 87
1993 Alex Lyon, English Labor Lower house leader (1966-83), dies at 61
1993 Gordon Douglas, actor/director (Tony Rome), dies of cancer at 85
1993 Paul Nowee, writer (Arendsoog.. premiejager), dies at 57
1993 Reizl Bozyk, Polish/US actress (Crossing Delancey), dies at 79
1993 Tony Brafa, actor (Enrico Pallazzo-Naked Gun), dies at 72
1994 Alex Scott, trainer, Horses, dies at 34
1994 Andre Michel Lwoff, physiologist, dies at 92
1994 Lina Basquette, actress (Night for Crime, Hard Hombre), dies at 87
1994 Roberto Viola, Argentine general/president (1981), dies at 69
1995 Frederick Archibauld Warner, diplomat, dies at 77
1995 George Kirby, comedian/impressionist (Pearl Bailey), dies at 71
1996 Aubrey Brabazon, jockey/trainer, dies at 76
1996 Elizabeth Gille, writer translator/editor, dies at 59
1996 Frances Lear, writer, dies at 73
1996 Kenneth Muir, english scholar, dies at 89
1996 Udom Patpongsiri, property developer, dies at 79
1997 male alligator, largest in Florida (14 feet), killed at about 65

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