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Welcome to It's History! for yesterday, Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Events for yesterday in history Birthdays  Deaths
0951 Otto I the Great becomes king of Italy
1122 Concord of Worms
1408 Battle of Othée
1513 King Henry III & Emperor Maximilian conquer Doornik
1561 King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida
1642 Harvard College in Cambridge, Mass, 1st commencement
1666 Princess Maria of Orange-Nassau marries Mauritius earl of Simmeren
1719 Liechtenstein declares independence from German empire
1739 Russia & Turkey sign Peace of Belgrade
1746 Jacob Gilles appointed Dutch pension advisor
1779 John Paul Jones' "Bon Homme Richard" defeats HMS Serepis
1780 Brit Maj John André reveals Benedict Arnold's plot to betray West Pt
1795 Conseil of the Cinq-Cents (Council of 500), forms in Paris
1803 Battle of Assaye-British-Indian forces beat Maratha Army
1806 Lewis & Clark return to St Louis from Pacific Northwest
1830 Dutch troops occupy Brussels
1835 HMS Beagle sails to Charles Island in Galapagos archipelago
1845 1st baseball team, NY Knickerbockers organize, adopt rule code
1845 Hunger strike in Hague
1846 Johann Gottfried Galle & Heinrich d'Arrest find Neptune
1857 Russian warship Leffort disappears in Finland Gulf in storm; 826 die
1862 Lincoln's Emancipation is published in Northern Newspapers
1863 Confederate siege of Chattanooga begins
1864 Battle of Athens VA
1868 Grito de Lares proclaims Puerto Rico's independence (crushed by Spain)
1873 Tom Allen beats Mike McCale for Heavyweight Boxing title
1876 Ottawa Rough Riders play their 1st game
1877 Hurricane strikes Curaçao & Bonaire kills 200
1879 Baldwin steam motors tram 1st tried in Sydney Australia
1879 Richard Rhodes invented a hearing aid called the Audiophone
1880 Jules Ferry forms French govt
1890 Ed Cartwright bats in 7 RBIs in 1 inning
1895 French labor union CGT (Confédération Générale du Travail) forms
1897 1st frontier days rodeo celebration (Cheyene Wyoming)
1904 Francis Younghusbands leaves Lhasa Tibet
1905 Mbunga-siege of Fort Mahenge German East-Africa broken
1907 Proclamation sets fineness & weight of silver & bronze coins of Canada
1908 Giant Fred (Bonehead) Merkle fails to touch 2nd, causes 3rd out in 9th & disallows winning run (game ends tied, Cubs win replay & pennant)
1908 University of Alberta opens
1911 Earl Ovington becomes 1st air mail pilot
1912 1st Mack Sennett "Keystone Comedy" movie released
1912 Mark Sennet presents 1st Keystone Cops film (Cohen Collects a Debt)
1913 Roland Garros is 1st to fly over Mediterranean Sea
1913 Serbian troops march into Albania
1914 Reds drop their 19th straight game, then beat Boston Braves
1920 Alexander Millerand elected president of France
1922 B Brechts "Drum in the Night," premieres in Germany
1923 80,000 demonstrate in Amsterdam against Fleet law
1925 George Kaufman's "Butter & Egg Man," premieres in NYC
1925 Washington shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh is named AL MVP
1926 Gene Tunney beats Jack Dempsey in 10 for heavyweight boxing title
1932 Kingdom of Hejaz & Nejd merge into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1933 Yanks commit 7 errors in 1 game but beat Boston 16-12
1936 Giants Carl Hubbell notches his 16th en route to 24 consecutive wins
1937 Yankees lose 9-5 but clinch pennant when Red Sox beat Detroit
1938 British premier Neville Chamberlain flies to Munich
1938 Time capsule, to be opened in 6939, buried at World's Fair in NYC (capsule contained a woman's hat, man's pipe & 1,100' of microfilm)
1939 Cookie Lavagetto goes 6 for 6-Dodgers get 27 hits & beat Phillies 22-4
1940 -27] French/British assault on French fleet in Dakar, flees
1940 Dutch nazi collaborator Mussert's 1st meeting with Hitler
1941 General de Gaulle forms govt in exile in London
1941 German air raid on Russ naval base Kronstadt (battleship Marat sinks)
1942 Auschwitz begins experimental gassing executions
1942 Russian counter offensive at Stalingrad
1942 Transport nr 36 departs with French Jews to nazi-Germany
1948 Braves clinch NL pennant
1949 Indian owner Bill Veeck holds funeral services to bury 1948 pennant
1949 Truman announces evidence of USSR's 1st nuclear device detonation
1950 Patty Berg wins LPGA Sunset Hills Golf Open
1950 Phila A's Joe Astroth is 4th to get 6 RBIs in an inning (6th)
1950 US Mustangs accidentally bombs British on Hill 282 Korea, 17 killed
1952 1st closed circuit pay-TV telecast of a sports event
1952 Dodgers clinch NL pennant
1952 Richard Nixon makes his "Checker's" speech
1952 Rocky Marciano KOs Jersey Joe Walcott in 13 for hw boxing title
1953 KHQA TV channel 7 in Hannibal-Quincy, MO (CBS) begins broadcasting
1955 Pakistan signs Pact of Baghdad
1955 Yanks clinch pennant by beating Red Sox, 3-2
1957 "That'll Be Day" by Buddy Holly & Crickets reaches #1
1957 Milwaukee Braves clinch NL pennant by beating Cards 4-2
1957 WTIC TV channel 61 in Hartford, CT (CBS/FOX) begins broadcasting
1957 White mob forces 9 black students who had entered a Little Rock high school in Arkansas to withdraw
1958 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
1958 Stravinsky's "Thieni," premieres in Venetië
1958 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1961 1st movie to become a TV series-How to Marry a Millionaire
1961 Ernie Banks ends 717 consecutive-games-played streak
1962 ABC's 1st color TV series-Jetsons
1962 LA Dodger Maury Wills steals record setting #97 on his way to 104
1962 Martin Walser's "Esche und Angora," premieres in Berlin
1962 Mary Lena Faulk wins LPGA Visalia Golf Open
1962 NY's Philharmonic Hall (since renamed Avery Fisher Hall) opens as 1st unit of Lincoln Center for Performing Arts
1963 Georgette Ciselet is 1st woman on Belgian Council of State
1963 WMEB TV channel 12 in Orono, ME (PBS) begins broadcasting
1964 "Fiddler on the Roof" with Zero Mostel premieres in NYC
1967 Greek Colonels regime frees ex-premier Georgios Papandreou
1967 Radio Malta stops testing
1968 WKAS TV channel 25 in Ashland, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 WKGB TV channel 53 in Bowling Green, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 WKLE TV channel 46 in Lexington, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 WKMA TV channel 35 in Madisonville, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 WKMR TV channel 38 in Morehead, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 WKON TV channel 52 in Owenton, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 WKSO TV channel 29 in Somerset, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 WKZT TV channel 23 in Elizabethtown, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting
1969 1st broadcast of "Marcus Welby MD" on ABC-TV
1969 Northern Star starts rumor that Paul McCartney is dead
1969 "Clues Hint at Beatle's Death," reported in Illinois Univ newspaper, sparking widespread rumours of Paul McCartney's death
1970 Abdul Razak bin Hussain becomes premier of Malaysia
1970 Gary Muhrcke wins 1st NY Marathon
1971 John Vermeers painting "The liefdesbrief" stolen
1972 Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos declares martial law
1972 President Marcos ends emergency crisis in Philippines
1973 Former Argentine President Juan Peron returns to power
1973 Kathy Whitworth wins LPGA Portland Ladies Golf Open
1973 Largest known prime, 2 ^ 132,049-1, is discovered
1974 "Gypsy" opens at Winter Garden Theater NYC for 120 performances
1974 BBC Ceefax begins 1st teletext service
1976 Ford-Carter TV debate
1976 South Africa decides to allow multi-racial teams to represent them
1976 Soyuz 22 returns to Earth
1977 3rd test of Space Shuttle Enterprise
1977 Cheryl Ladd replaces Farrah Fawcett on Charlie's Angels
1978 100,000 cheering Egyptians welcome Sadat home from Camp David summit
1979 Jane Fonda & 200,000 attend anti-nuke rally in Battery Park, NYC
1979 Sandra Post wins LPGA ERA Real Estate Golf Classic
1979 Somali constitution approved by president
1979 St Louis legend Lou Brock steals 938th & final base of his career
1980 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad opens
1982 "Doll's Life" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 5 performances
1982 Amin Gemayel sworn in as president of Lebanon
1982 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1983 Argentina milt regime gives amnesty to military/political assassins
1983 Columbia moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating in preparation of STS-9
1983 Gerrie Coetzee KOs Michael Dokes in 10 for heavyweight boxing title
1983 Heavyweight Gerrie Coetzee KOs Michael Dokes in Ohio
1983 Phillies Steve Carlton is 16th to wins 300 game (beating Cards)
1984 36th Emmy Awards: Hill St Blue, Cheers, John Ritter & Tyne Daly
1984 Amy Alcott wins LPGA San Jose Golf Classic
1984 SF 49er Joe Montana misses his 1st start in 49 games
1984 Sparky Anderson is 1st manager to win 100 games in both leagues
1986 Astro Jim Deshaies strikes out 1st 8 Dodger of game (ends with 10)
1986 Congress selects the rose as US national flower
1988 Fiji's new constitution is proposed
1988 Jose Canseco is baseball's 1st to steal 40 bases & hit 40 HRs
1988 Rosa Mota wins 2nd female olympic marathon (2:25:39)
1989 Blue Jays bat out of order against Brewers in 6th inning
1990 Nancy Lopez wins MBS LPGA Golf Classic
1990 PBS begins an 11 hour miniseries on Civil War
1990 Saddam says he will destroy Israel
1991 NY Islanders Mike Bossy & Denis Potvin inducted into NHL Hall of Fame
1992 Bill Comrie purchases BC Lions from CFL
1992 Bradlees announces it will take over Alexander's dept stores in NYC
1992 Jackson Browne reportedly beats girlfriend Daryl Hannah
1992 Mud storm kills 30 in South France
1992 1st female to play in a NHL exhibition game (Manon Rheaume, goalie) for Tampa Bay Lightning - gives up 2 goals on 9 attempts in 1 period
1993 "Les Miserables," opens at Playhouse, Edinburgh
1993 Paul Chu group reports super conduction at -123°C (record high)
1994 Pinatubo volcano in Philippines erupts, kills at least 14
1996 Howard Stern radio show premieres in Wilkes-Barre PA (WZMT 97.9 FM)
1996 Howard Stern radio show premieres in West Palm Beach FL (WCLB 95.5 FM)
1997 Seattle Mariners break record for most HRs in a year (258)
Birthdays for yesterday in history Events  Deaths
1555Louise de Coligny, French 4th wife of Willem of Orange
1591Michael Lohr, composer
1596Joan Blaeu, cartographer/publisher
1605Daniel von Czepko, German poet
1641Adrian "Aart" van Wijck, theologist (against jansenisme)
1642Giovanni Maria Bononcini, composer
1684Johann Theodor Romhild, composer
1703Jean-Marie Leclair, composer
1712Ferdinand VI, the wise, King of Spain (1746-59)
1745John Sevier, Tennessee, indian fighter (Gov/Rep-Tn)
1768William Wallace, Scottish mathematician (Rights of Wallace)
1782Jacques-Fereol Mazas, composer
1791Johann F Encke, German astronomer (Encke Comet)
1791Karl T Körner, German poet (Zriny, Leyer und Schwerdt)
1800William H McGuffey, educator (McGuffey Readers)
1804David Van de Kellen, coin engraver
1805Matthew Adams Stickney, Rowley Mass, numismatist
1816Elihu Benjamin Washburne, MC (Union), died in 1887
1816Julius White, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), died in 1890
1817Leon Charles François Kreutzer, composer
1820Thomas Kilby Smith, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
1838Martin Woodhull Victoria Chaflin, US, feminist/reformer (Woodhull)
1838Victoria Chaflin Woodhull, Ohio, feminist/reformer/free love
1842Karl Munzinger, composer
1849Mikhail Mikhaylovich Ivanov, composer
1852William Stewart Halsted, established 1st US surgical school
1853Marcel Planiol, French private law scholar
1854Cornelis W Lely, Dutch engineer/gov of Suriname (1902-05)
1856William Archer, Scotland, writer (Green Goddess)
1861Edmond H H Allenby, English fieldmarshal/high director (Egypt)
1863Alexandre EJ Yersin, Swiss/French bacteriologist (bacteria plague)
1863Mary Church Terrell, civil rights activist
1865Marie-Clémentine"Suzanne" Valadon, French acrobat/model
1866Edouard Combe, composer
1869Edgar Lee Masters, poet/novelist (Spoon River Anthology) [or Aug 23]
1870John Lomax, Miss, folk song collector/ethnomusicologist
1871Frantisek Kupka, Czech writer
1880John Boyd Orr, nutritionist, UN's FAO (Nobel 1949)
1888Gerhard Kittel, German anti-semitic theologist (Die Oden Salomons)
1889Walter Lippmann, NYC, journalist/political writer (Men of Dystany)
1890Arthur Walter Kramer, composer
1890Friedrich von Paul, German gen-fieldmarshal (Netherlands)
1894Kornelis H Miskotte, theologist (Edda & Thora)
1897Paul Delvaux, Belgian painter (surrealist)
1897Walter Pidgeon, New Brunswick Can, actor (Mrs Miniver, Madame Curie)
1899Louise Nevelson, sculptor
1899Marcel Dalio, [Israel Blauschild], Paris France, actor (China Gate)
1899William Levi Dawson, composer
1900Louise Nevelson, US, sculptor (Sky Cathedral)
1901Adrian Pitlo, lawyer
1901Jaroslav Seifert, Czech poet (Nobel 1984)
1904Meyer Schapiro, art historian
1904Wallace "Scotty" Scott, rock vocalist (Whispers)
1905Jeno Kenessey, composer
1906Willard F McMurry, musician
1907Jarmila Novotna, soprano (Met Opera)/pres of Czechoslovakia (1957-68)
1909Marianne Straub, weaver
1910Elliot Roosevelt, son of FDR/writer (Murder in the Oval Office)
1910Soulima Stravinsky, Lausanne Switz, Russian pianist (Igor's son)
1913Alexey Davidovich Machavariani, composer
1914Norman Cazden, composer
1915Finn Arnestad, composer
1915Ian Dawson-Shepherd, campaigner
1917Imry Nemeth, Hungary, hammer thrower (Olympic-gold-1948)
1920Alexander Arutiunian, composer
1920Gerard W Taylor, South African/British surgeon
1920Jiri Jaroch, composer
1922Philip Owen Arnould Sherrard, scholar theologian poet/translator
1925Barry Linehan, actor (Bullseye, Dark Places, Witchcraft)
1926John Coltrane, jazz saxophonist (Round Midnight)
1928Robert Helps, composer
1929Wally Whyton, musician/broadcaster
1930Colin Blakely, Bangor N Ireland, actor (Shattered, Equus, King Lear)
1930Pyotr Ivanovich Kolodin, cosmonaut (Soyuyz 7, 10, 11 backup)
1930Ray Charles, Albany Ga, singer/pianist (Georgia)
1931Ruud van den Hende, sports reporter
1934Per Olov Enquist, Swedish writer (Hour of the Lynx)
1935Pierre Marietan, composer
1936Sylvain Saudan, skiier (60° descent)
1938Clifford Ann Creed, LPGA golfer
1938Romy Schneider, Vienna Austria, actress (Bloodline, Death Watch)
1939Roy Buchanan, Ozark Ark, rocker
1940Tim Rose, rocker
1943Bob Clement, (Rep-D-Tennessee)
1943Julio Iglesias, Spain, singer (Of All the Girls I Loved Before)
1943Walter Scott, rock vocalist (Whispers)
1944Loren J Shriver, Iowa, Col USAF/astronaut (STS 51-C, STS 31, STS 46)
1945Paul Petersen, Glendale Calif, actor (Jeff Stone-Donna Reed Show)
1945Ronald Bushy, Washington DC, rock drummer (Iron Butterfly)
1947Don Grolnick, jazz musician
1947Mary Kay Place, Tulsa Okla, actress/country singer (Mary Hartman!)
1948Rob van Koningsbruggen, sculptor
1949Bruce Springsteen, [Boss], Asbury NJ, rock musician (Born in the USA)
1951Ron Klink, (Rep-D-Pennsylvania)
1955Patti Weaver, WV, actress (Days of our Life, Gina-Young & Restless)
1956June Forester, Chattanooga Tn, country singer (Forester Sister-Men)
1956Lili Carati, Varese Italy, Miss Italy (1975)/actress (Alcove)
1956Maren Jensen, Arcadia Calif, actress (Athena-Battlestar Galactica)
1957Sylvie Garant, Montmagny Quebec, playmate (Nov, 1979)
1957Tony Fossas, Cuba, pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
1958Larry Hogan Mize, Augusta GA, PGA golfer (1987 Masters)
1959Heather Drew, St Louis MO, LPGA golfer (1987 Henredon Classic-5th)
1959Jason Alexander, [Greenspan], Newark NJ, actor (George-Seinfeld)
1960John Rocca, English funk singer (Southern Freeze)
1961Elizabeth Pe¤a, Havana Cuba, actress (La Bamba, Jacob's Ladder)
1961Phyllis Hines, Nashville TN, cyclist (Olympics-96)
1961William C McCool, San Diego Calif, Lt Cmdr USN/astronaut
1962Jack Warren Pierce, Cherry Hill NJ, hurdler
1963Gabriele Reinsch, German DR, discus thrower (world record 1988)
1964Diane Dixon, Bkln NY, 4x400m runner (Olympic-silver-1988)
1964Leon Meijs, soccer player (Willem II)
1965Ian Leggatt, Cambridge Ont, Canadian Tour golfer (1990 Canadian Tour)
1965Mark Woodforde, Adelaide Australia, tennis star (1993 Wimbledon mixed)
1966Doug Widell, NFL guard (Detroit Lions)
1966Pete Harnisch, Commack NY, pitcher (NY Mets)
1967Harry Connick Jr, New Orleans Louisiana, singer (We Are in Love)
1969Jeff Cirillo, Pasadena CA, infielder (Milwaukee Brewers)
1970Brian Wells, Carmel Calif, pairs skater (& Lyons-1995 Midwest champ)
1971Eric Montross, NBA center (Detroit Pistons)
1971Marcel Boudesteyn, soccer player (Excelsior/FC Groningen)
1971Osamu Nishimura, wrestler (NJPW)
1971Taunya Harris, Miss USA-New Mexico (1997)
1971Willie Greene, Milledgville GA, infielder (Cin Reds)
1973Grant McDonald, Australian baseball outfielder (Olympics-1996)
1973Michelle Tolson, Manchester NH, Miss America-NH (1997)
1974Doris Glenn Easterly, Richmond Va, diver (Olympics-96)
1975Vitaliy Yeremeyev, hockey goalie (Team Kazkhstan 1998)
1979Red, LA Calif, rapper (Another Bad Creation)
Deaths for yesterday in history Events  Birthdays
0775Constantine V Copronymus, Emperor of Byzantium (720-75), dies
0918Koenraad I, German duke/king (911-18), dies at 42
0965Aboe a-Taia-H al-Moetanabbi, Arabic royal poet (Diwan), murdered
1541Philippus A Paracelsus, Swiss physician/alchemist, dies at 47
1624Willem Pietersz Buytewech, painter/etcher, dies at about 32
1694Francesco Passarini, composer, dies at 57
1700Nicolaus Adam Strungk, composer, dies at 59
1738Hermannus Boerhaave, medical/botanist, dies at 69
1778Balthazar Huydecoper, translator/historian, dies at 83
1780John Andre, hanged as a British spy at 29
1797Johann Georg Roser, composer, dies at 57
1835Vincenzo Bellini, Italian opera composer (Norma), dies at 33
1837Richard John Samuel Stevens, composer, dies at 80
1847Henri MG earl the Merode, Belg revolutionary (Souvenirs), dies at 65)
1870Prosper Mérimée, French playwright (Carmen), dies at 66
1871Alexander N Afanasjev, Russian story teller, dies at 45
1877Urbain JJ Leverrier, codiscoverer of Neptune, dies
1889William W Collins, English writer (Moonstone), dies
1896Louis-Gilbert Duprez, composer, dies at 89
1896Ivar A Aasen, Norwegian linguistic/poet, dies at 83
1902John Wesley Powell, US geologist (Grand Canyon), dies at 68
1904Emile Gallé, French glass/marble/ceramic artist dies at 56
1906Jan van Rijswijck, Flemish journalist/mayor of Antwerp, dies
1910H J H "Tup" Scott, cricketer (Australian Test captain 1886), dies
1929Richard A Zsigmondy, Austria chemist (Nobel 1925), dies at 64
1930Jonkvrouw Catharina AM de Savornin Lohman, author, dies at 62
1937Caro Roma, composer, dies at 68
1939Sigmund Freud, created psychoanalysis, dies at 83
1944Colijn, Neth PM, buried
1947Nikola Petkov, leader of Bulgaria Boer party, hanged
1956Earl Godwin, newscaster (Meet the Veep), dies at 75
1960Kathlyn Williams, actress (Single Man), dies of heart attack at 72
1961Billy House, actor (Imitation of Life, Bedlam, Egg & I), dies at 71
1961Elmer R Diktonius, Finnish musicologist/author (Stenkol), dies at 65
1971Billy Gilbert, actor (Paradise Alley, Safari, Rio), dies at 77
1972Carl Frank, actor (Uncle Gunnar-Mama), dies at 63
1973Pablo Neruda, [N R R Basoalto], poet (100 Love Sonnets), dies at 69
1973Manuel Borguno, composer, dies at 87
1973A S Neill, British headmaster, dies at at 89
1974Cliff Arquette, comedian (Charlie Weaver), dies at 68
1974Gerhard Nebel, writer, dies at 70
1974Robbie Mcintosh, drummer (Average White Band), overdoses at 24
1975Ian Hunter, actor/writer (Rockets Galore, Ziegfield Girl), dies at 75
1978Jay Adler, actor (Macon County Line, Illegal, Big Combo), dies at 79
1978Lyman Bostock, outfielder (Angels), shot & killed at 27
1979Catherine Lacey, actress (October Man, Carnival), dies at 75
1981Chief Dan George, actor (Harry & Tonto, Little Big Man), dies at 82
1982Jimmy Wakely, country western singer, dies of heart failure at 68
1984Anatoly Grigor'yevich Novikov, composer, dies at 87
1985Mickey Simpson, actor (Wagonmaster), dies of a heart attack at 72
1987Bob Fosse, choreographer (All the Jazz), dies at 62
1987O B McClinton, US country singer (Man needs a woman), dies at 47
1988Arwel Hughes, composer, dies at 79
1991Chuck Vincent, Adult film director, dies of heart attack at 51
1991Ernestine McClendon, director/actress (Homer & Eddie), dies
1992Paul E Garber, 1st curator (Natl Air & Space Museum), dies at 93
1992Martin Arsenault, actor (Guilty by Suspicion), dies of an ulcer
1992James A Van Fleet, US general (D-Day, Battle of Bulge), dies at 100
1992Bernice Gera, 1st female basball ump (1969 NY-Penn League) dies at 61
1993William Cort, actor/producer (Ghost, Dear Heart), dies of cancer at 53
1994Robert Bloch, screenwriter (Psycho), dies of cancer at 77
1994Madeleine Renaud, French actress (Longest Day)/director, dies at 94
1994John van Damme, businessman, hanged in Singapore at 59
1994Georgi, Czar Nicholas II's brother, buried
1994Dalton Reed, singer, dies at 42
1994Cherif Gousmi, [kalief Abu Abdallah Ahmed], Alger Moslem leader, shot
1994Ali Kouider Benyahia, [sheik Boualem], Alg Moslem leader, shot at 26
1994Alec Dickson, founder of VSO, dies at 80
1995Booker T Laury, blues pianist/vocalist, dies at 81
1995Odut Joseph Olutola Oluola Oguntala, soho club owner, dies at 74
1996Stuart Pigott, archaeologist, dies at 86
1996Jack Newman, cricketer (NZ left-arm pacer 1932-33), dies at 94
1996Denis Dowling, baritone, dies at 86
1997Abe Gibron, head coach (Chicago Bears), dies at 72
1997Murray Burnett, writer (Everybody Goes to Rick-Casablanca), dies at 86
1997Shirley Clarke, actress (Cool World), dies at 78

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