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Welcome to It's History! for yesterday, Friday, December 2, 2016.

Events for yesterday in history Birthdays  Deaths
1620 English language newspaper "Namloos" begins publishing in Amsterdam
1682 English earl of Shaftesbury flight to Amsterdam
1697 St Paul's Cathedral opens in London
1763 Touro shul of Newport RI dedicated (oldest existing US synagogue)
1777 British Gen Howe plots attack on Washington's army for Dec 4
1790 Austrian army occupies Brussels
1802 English sell Suriname to Dutch
1804 Napoleon Bonaparte crowned emperor of France in Paris by Pope Pius VII
1805 Napoleon defeats Russians & Austrians at Austerlitz
1812 James Madison re-elected president of US, E Gerry vice-pres
1813 Prince Willem Frederik accepts constitutional monarchy
1816 1st savings bank in US opens (Philadelphia Savings Fund Society)
1822 In San Salvador, a congress proposes incorporation into US
1823 President James Monroe declares his "Monroe Doctrine"
1840 Gaetano Donizetti's opera "La Favorita," premieres in Paris
1840 Opera "Die Favoritin" is produced (Paris)
1840 William H Harrison elected president of US
1848 Franz Josef I becomes emperor of Austria & King of Hungary
1852 2nd French empire established; Louis Napoleon becomes emperor
1864 Skirmish at Rocky Creek Church, Georgia
1868 1st British government of Disraeli resigns
1877 Camille Saint-Saëns' opera "Samson et Dalila," premieres in Weimar
1882 Amsterdam Artis Zoo opens aquarium
1883 John Brahms' 3rd Symphony in F, premieres
1885 Opera "Regina di Saba," premieres in Vienna
1887 Amsterdam's Oscar Carrés Circus Theater opens
1887 Charles Dickens' 1st public reading in US (NYC)
1887 French president Grévy (80) resigns
1891 52nd Congress (1891-93) convenes
1895 54th Congress (1895-97) convenes
1896 Gerhart Hauptmann's "Die versunkene Glocke," premieres in Berlin
1899 US & Germany agree to divide Samoa between them
1900 South African president Paul Kruger arrives in Germany
1901 Gillette patents 1st disposable razor
1901 King Camp Gillette begins selling safety razor blades
1902 Soccer team Go Ahead forms in Deventer
1907 English Professional Football Player's Association forms
1907 Tommy Burns KOs Gunner Moir in 10 for heavyweight boxing title
1908 Pu Yi (Hsuan-T'ung) became China's Last Emperor at age 3
1913 Archdiocese of Managua created
1913 Govt -Barthou falls due to overtime conscription
1914 Austria army occupies Belgrade Serbia
1916 Baseballers who are injured now get full pay for duration of contract
1917 Han Yong-woon, found Zen awakening at Osean Monastery Korea
1922 10th CFL Grey Cup: Queen's University defeats Edmonton Eskimos, 13-1
1924 British-German trade agreement signed
1927 1st Model A Fords sold, for $385
1928 Cardinals 1B Jim Bottomley is voted NL MVP
1929 1st skull of Peking man found, 50 km out of Peking at Tsjoe Koe Tien
1932 "Adv of Charlie Chan" 1st heard on NBC-Blue radio network
1933 1st transatlantic telephone wedding (Bertil Clason-Sigrid Carlson)
1933 Fred Astaire's 1st film, "Dancing Lady," released
1934 5.08-m (200") Mt Palomar Observatory mirror is cast
1939 British Imperial Airways & British Airways merge to form BOAC
1939 NY's La Guardia Airport began operations as an airliner from Chicago lands, 1 minute after midnight
1941 Largest roller skating rink (outside of NYC) opens in Peekskill NY
1941 NY Giants name Mel Ott as player-manager, replacing Bill Terry
1941 Naval Intelligence ceases bugging Japanese consul
1941 Yamamoto sends his fleet to Pearl Harbor
1942 1st controlled nuclear chain reaction (Enrico Fermi-U of Chicago)
1943 1st RSHA transport out of Vienna reaches Birkenau camp
1944 10th Heisman Trophy Award: Les Horvath, Ohio State (QB)
1944 General De Gaulle arrives in Moscow
1944 German troops seize Betuwse dikes
1944 US 95th Infantry division occupies bridge at Saar
1947 13th Heisman Trophy Award: John Lujack, Notre Dame (QB)
1948 Stan Musial is picked NL MVP
1950 Vic Toweel knocks down Danny O'Sullivan 14 times in a title fight
1951 "Borscht Capades" closes at Royale Theater NYC after 90 performances
1951 Phila sets NFL record of 25 1st-downs rushing
1952 18th Heisman Trophy Award: Billy Vessels, Oklahoma (HB)
1952 1st human birth televised to public (KOA-TV Denver, Colo)
1954 "Hit the Trail" opens at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC for 4 performances
1954 Frank Selvy of Milwaukee sets then NBA record of 24 of 26 free throws
1954 US Senate censures Joe McCarthy (Sen-R-Wisc) for "conduct that tends to bring Senate into dishonor & disrepute"
1956 Fidel Castro lands with "Granma" on coast of Cuba
1957 1st US large scale nuclear power plant opens (Shippingport Penn)
1957 Sam Cooke's "You Send Me" reaches #1
1958 24th Heisman Trophy Award: Pete Dawkins, Army (HB)
1958 Benelux treaty signed by Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg
1958 KNOP TV channel 2 in North Platte, NB (NBC) begins broadcasting
1959 Malpasset dam collapses destroying French Riviera town of Frejus
1961 Fidel Castro declares he's a Marxist, & will lead Cuba to Communism
1961 Wind Bell, journal of SF Zen Center, begins publishing
1962 50th CFL Grey Cup: Winnipeg beats Hamilton, 28-27 at Toronto [OT]
1963 1st Dutch rocket launched/reaches height of 10 km
1963 ML Rules Committee bans oversized catcher's mitts, effective in 1965
1964 Ringo Starr's tonsils are removed
1966 Love, Moby Grape & Lee Michaels perform at Fillmore East
1967 55th CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeats Saskatchewan, 24-1
1968 Pres Nixon names Henry Kissinger security advisor
1969 "Buck White" opens at George Abbott Theater NYC for 7 performances
1969 Boeing 747 jumbo jet 1st public preview (Seattle to NYC)
1970 Environmental Protection Agency begins (Dir: William Ruckelshaus)
1970 Tippetts Opera "Knot Garden," premieres in London
1971 Soviet Mars 3 is 1st to soft land on Mars
1971 United Arab Emirates, (Trucial States) declares independence from UK
1971 Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujeira, Sharjah & Umm ak Qiwain form United Arab Emirates
1971 Zayid bin Sultan Al Nuhayyan of Abu Dhabi becomes pres of UAE
1972 "December Giant" largest sinkhole in US collapses (Alabama)
1972 "Via Galactica" closes at Uris Theater NYC after 7 performances
1972 60th CFL Grey Cup: Hamilton Tiger-Cats defeats Saskatchewan, 13-10
1972 In 1 of their worst trades Yanks get Rich McKinney for Stan Bahnsen
1973 62nd Davis Cup: Australia beats USA in Cleveland (5-0)
1973 Capital Centre (USAir Arena) in Wash DC opens
1973 US Air Arena opens in Landover Maryland, Bullets beat Seattle, 98-96
1974 Cowhide, rather than just horsehide, can be used to make baseballs
1974 Giant Baba beats Jack Brisco in Kagoshimi, to become NWA champ
1974 Soyuz 16 launched into Earth orbit for 6 days
1975 7 South Moluccans hijack train at Wijster Drente, 3 killed
1975 G S Chappell gets ton in each inn of 1st Test Cricket as capt v WI
1975 Laos king Sisavang Vatthana resigns, republic forms
1975 Lao People's Democratic Republic founded (National Day)
1978 Chanting "Allah is great," anti-Shah protesters poured through Tehran
1978 Neil Diamond & Barbra Striesand's "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" hits #1
1978 Streisand & Diamond's "You Don't Bring Me Flowers," goes #1
1979 Crowds attack US embassy at Tripoli Libya
1979 Foots Walker becomes 1st Cleve Cavalier to score a triple-double
1979 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1980 4 American Maryknoll nuns killed by death squads in El Salvador
1981 Fernando Valenzuela (Dodgers) wins NL Rookie of the Year
1981 Moscone Convention Center, SF opens at 11:30 AM
1981 Spanish government requests membership in NATO
1982 1st permanent artificial heart successfully implanted (U of Utah) in retired dentist Barney Clark; lived 112 days with Jarvic-7 heart
1984 4th meeting of Giants-Jets, Giants even series at 2 with 20-10 win
1984 Bob Holland takes 9-83 for NSW against South Australia, SCG
1984 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1985 "Mystery of Edwin Drood" opens at Imperial Theater NYC for 608 perfs
1985 Philipine Chief staff Gen Fabian speaks of B Aquino's murder
1985 Rupert Holmes' musical "Mystery of Edwin Drood," premieres in NYC
1986 Dow-Jones index hits record 1955.57
1987 Chicago City Council elects Eugene Sawyer acting mayor
1987 Jennifer Steele, 17, of Colo becomes Miss Teen of America [Approx]
1987 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1987 "334" club forms as 334 brave Devil fans journey through 20" of snow to attend NJ Devils 7-5 victory over Calgary at Meadowlands
1988 "Naked Gun" premieres, a movie based on TV's "Police Squad"
1988 5 gunmen who hijacked Soviet Aeroflot jet, surrender in Israel
1988 STS-27 Atlantis launched (Secret military mission)
1988 UN votes 151-2 (Isr & US) to move PLO debate to Geneva, Brit abstains
1989 55th Heisman Trophy Award: Andre Ware, Houston (QB)
1989 KHJ-TV in Los Angeles CA changes call letters to KCAL-TV
1989 Vishwanath Pratap Singh sworn in as president of India
1990 1st parlimentary election in newly reunified Germany
1990 1st time 12 people in space
1990 79th Davis Cup: USA beats Australia in St Petersburg (3-2)
1990 Beth Daniel/Davis Love wins LPGA J C Penney Golf Classic
1990 US 69th manned space mission STS 35 (Columbia 11) launches into orbit
1991 Bobby Bonilla signs record $29 million-5 year pact with NY Mets
1991 Muslim Shites release American held in Lebanon hostage Joseph Cicippio
1992 WQEW-AM radio replaces WQXR on 1560 in NYC
1993 A Websters musical "Sunset Promenade" premieres in LA
1993 Dow-Jones hits record 3702.11
1993 Houston Rockets tie NBA record of 15-0 start
1993 Space shuttle STS-61 (Endeavour 5), launches
1994 "Cobb" premieres
1994 Achille Lauro (Willem Ruys) sinks off the coast of Somalia
1994 Andrew Lloyd Webber admitted to the hospital for ulcer treatment
1994 Jury finds Heidi Fleiss guilty of running a call girl ring
1995 17th ACE Cable Awards
1997 MCI Center opens in Wash DC, Wizards vs SuperSonics

Birthdays for yesterday in history Events  Deaths
1578Agostino Agazzari, composer
1678Nicolaas S Cruquius, Dutch hydraulic engineer (drained Haarlemmermeer)
1728Ferdinando Galiani, Italian economist/philosopher/diplomat
1760Joseph Graetz, composer
1777Henry Doeff, colonialist (wrote Dutch-Japanese dictionary)
1802Melancthon Smith Wade, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1868
1813Jacob Rosenhaim, composer
1821Rufus Barringer, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1895
1825JKLSBFXvPSMGRG Pedro II van Alcantara, Emperor of Brazil (1831-89)
1837Charles Garrison Harker, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1864
1846Pierre M Waldeck-Rousseau, French Min of Foreign affairs/premier
1856Robert Kajanus, composer
1859Georges Seurat, France, painter/pointillist (Grande Jatte)
1860C T Studd, cricketer (brother of G B, five Tests for England)
1863Gustav Wohlgemuth, composer
1866Henry Thacker Burleigh, Erie Pa, black composer (Springarn Medal)
1868Francis Jammes, French poet/writer (Jammisme)
1869Jonas Cohn, German/English philosopher (Theory of the Dialects)
1870Francis Louis Casadesus, French violinist/composer/conductor
1875Frank Reicher, Munich Germany, actor (King Kong, Son of Kong)
1884Ruth Draper, US, lecture artist [or 1989]
1885George Minot, US, physician, worked on anemia (Nobel 1934)
1885Níkos Kazantazakís, Greece, writer (Zorba, Last Temptation of Christ)
1892Leo Ornstein, composer
1893Julius Bissier, German painter
1893Louis Freeman, band leader
1893William Gaxton, SF Calif, actor (Destry, Convoy)
1894Warren William, [Krech], Aitkin MN, actor (C‘sar in Cleopatra)
1895Klaas Voskuil, journalist
1896Georgi K Zjukov, marshal of Moskow/Stalingrad [NS-Dec 11]
1897Rewi Alley, NZ, writer (Americans in China)
1899John Barbirolli, English conductor (NY Philharmonic Orchestra)
1901Staf Gustaf Frans Nees, Belgian composer
1901Staff Nees, Flemish organist/composer (Simon Peter)
1902Horace A Hildreth, (Gov-Maine, 1945-49)
1902Miroslav Ponc, composer
1904Donald Woods, Brandon Manitoba, actor (Tammy)
1905Osvaldo Pugliese, musician/composer
1906Eric Dalton, cricketer (2 centuries in 15 Tests for S Africa 1929-39)
1906John Bentley, England, actor (Hammer the Tuff)
1906Peter Carl Goldmark, developed color TV & LP records
1908Robert F Simon, Mansfield Oh, actor (Man who shot Liberty Valance)
1908Rufe Davis, OK, actor (Cocoanut Grove, Trail Blazers, Gangs of Sonora)
1910Robert Paige, Indianapolis Ind, actor (Colgate Comedy Hour)
1914Eddie Sauter, Bkln, musician (Sauter-Finegan Band, Sat Night Revue)
1914Ray Walston, Laurel MS, actor (My Favorite Martian)
1915Adolph Green, songwriter (married to Phyllis Newman)
1915Nico Richter, composer
1915Randolph Hearst, newspaper publisher
1916John Bentley, Warwickshire England, actor (Chair)
1917Ezra Stone, US, actor/producer (Henry Aldrich)
1918Milton Delugg, LA Calif, orch leader (Tonight Show)
1919Michael Geoffrey Corcos, medical researcher
1920Robert Moevs, composer
1922Leo V Gordon, Baltimore MD, actor (Circus Boy, Enos, Winds of War)
1923Maria M Callas, NYC, soprano (Carmen) [or 12/4]
1923Meshulam Riklis, husband of Pia Zadora
1924Alexander Haig Jr, Bala-Cynwyd Pa, US Sec of State (1981-82)/General
1924Jonathan Frid, actor (Barnabas Collins-Dark Shadows)
1925Julie Harris, Grosse Pt Mich, actress (Bell Jar, East of Eden)
1929Harvey Phillips, Aurora Missouri, tubist (NYC Ballet Orch)
1929Jaap Boersma, Dutch minister for Social Affairs (ARP)
1929Lowell North, Springfield Mass, yachtsman (Olympic-Gold-1968)
1931Edwin Meese III, prude, US attorney General (1985-88)
1935Jurg Wyttenbach, composer
1936Peter Michael Braun, composer
1937Brian Lumley, England, sci-fi author (Compleat Crow, Psychomech)
1940Gerry Cheevers, NHL goalie (Bruin, longest undefeated streak-32 games)
1940Willie Brown, NFL defensive back (Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders)
1941Paul C W Chu, China, physicist (superconductivity)
1941Tom McGuiness, rocker (McGuiness-Flint)
1942Bob E Smith, Sacramento CA, PGA golfer (1993 Yanase Cup)
1942Ted Bluechel, San Pedro Ca, rock vocalist/drummer (Association)
1943David Munden, rocker
1944Botho Strauá, writer
1944Cathy Lee Crosby, LA, actress (Coach, That's Incredible)
1944Roger Omond, journalist
1945Alan "Froggy" Thomson, cricketer (Australian quickie 1970-71)
1946Gianne Versace, fashion designer (Versace)
1947Dhiraj Parsana, cricket pace bowler (Indian v WI 1978-79)
1947Michael Green, English TV/video producer
1950Merrill Ashley, St Paul Minn, ballerina (NYC Ballet)
1952Keith Szarabajka, Oak Park IL, actor (Nightlife)
1952Michael McDonald, St Louis, rock keyboardist/vocals (Doobie Brothers)
1953Jay Dean Haas, St Louis MO, PGA golfer (1978 Andy Williams-San Diego)
1953Meg Griffin, DJ (WNEW-FM, WPLJ-FM, WKRK-FM)/VJ (V-1)
1953Myung-Whan Chung, Seoul Korea, pianist (Chung Sisters)
1954Dan Butler, actor (Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe-Frasier)
1954Danielle Alexander, Ft Worth Tx, country music pianist
1954Huub Stapel, Dutch actor (Amsterdamned, Attic: Hiding of Anne Frank)
1954Stone Phillips, news host (NBC Dateline)
1955Dennis Christopher, Phila, actor (Breaking Away, California Dreaming)
1956Steven Bauer, Havana Cuba, actor (Scarface, Thief of Hearts)
1958Vladimir Parfenovich, USSR, 500m kayak (Olympic-gold-1980)
1959Greg Barton, kayak (Olympics-2 gold-88)
1959Patty Jordan, Buffalo NY, LPGA golfer (1988 Mitsubishi Motors Ocean)
1960Rick Savage, bass player (Def Leppard-Hysteria, Rock of Ages)
1964Brian Habib, NFL guard (Denver Broncos-Superbowl 32)
1964Chip Hale, Santa Clara CA, infielder (Minn Twins)
1964Yolanda Henry, Houston Texas, high jumper
1965Karrie Mitchell, Arvada Colorado, Miss Colorado-America (1991-top 10)
1966Anita Jokiel, Poland, gymnist (Olympic-1980)
1966Clive Eksteen, cricketer (South African slow left-armer 1993)
1966Kelly Buchberger, Langenburg, NHL left wing (Edmonton Oilers)
1966Rob Sullivan, Chicago Ill, Canadian Tour golfer (1991 Tri-City Pro-Am)
1966Zeke Jones, Yipsilanti Mich, 114« lbs freestyle wrestler (Oly-96)
1967Naeem Akhtar, Rawalpindi cricket medium-pacer (10-28 vs Peshawar 1995)
1967Sharry Konopski, Longview Wash, playmate (August, 1987)
1968Darryl Kile, Garden Grove CA, pitcher (Houston Astros)
1968Elna Reinach, Pretoria S Africa, tennis star
1968Jiri Dopita, Sumperk CZE, hockey forward (Team Czech Oly-Gold-1998)
1968Mark Harding, Bath England, keeper of Internet biographies
1968Rena Sofer, actress (Rocky-Loving, Lois Cerullo-General Hospital)
1968Reneé Tenison, Caldwell Id, playmate of the year (Nov, 1989)
1969Lewis Bush, NFL outside linebacker (SD Chargers)
1969O J McDuffie, NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
1969Paul Francis Stankowski, Oxnard CA, PGA golfer (1994 Las Vegas-5th)
1970Rene Pucher, Presov CZE, hockey forward (Team Slovakia)
1971Jessie Hicks, WNBA forward/center (Utah Starzz)
1971Rachel McQuillan, Merewether NSW Aust, tennis star (1989 Futures ITA)
1971Roy van de Hill, soccer player (Roda JC)
1972Alan Henderson, NBA forward (Atlanta Hawks)
1972Chris Burns, CFL tackle (Calgary Stampeders)
1972James Willis, linebacker (Philadelphia Eagles)
1972Sunjith Somasunder, cricketer (Karnataka & India ODI opening bat 1996)
1972Zack Crockett, NFL running back (Indianapolis Colts)
1973Kevin Feighery, NFL/WLAF punter (NY Giants, Panthers, Galaxy)
1973Monica Seles, Novi Sad Yugoslavia, tennis star (US Open 1992)
1975Brett Lindros, London, NHL right wing (NY Islanders)
1975Mark Kotsay, Whittier CA, baseball outfielder (Olympics-bronze-96)
1976Jennifer Robinson, Barrie Ontario, (1996 Canadian Champ)
1988Edward EMG baron Downpatrick, grandson of English prince Edward

Deaths for yesterday in history Events  Birthdays
0537Sylvester, Italian Pope (536-37), dies
1463Albrecht VI, archduke of Habsburg, dies
1515Gonzalo de Córdoba, Spanish general/strategist/viceroy of Naples, dies
1592Alexander Farnese, land guardian of Neth (1579-92), dies at 46
1719Pasquier Quesnel, French theologist (La Foi), dies at 85
1723Philip, French duke of Orléans/regent (1715-23)/PM (1723), dies
1763Carl August Thielo, composer, dies at 56
1774Johann Friedrich Agricola, German (court)composer/organist, dies at 54
1814Marquis de Sade, writer, dies at 74
1828Simon Paap, Dutch 56 cm long dwarf/cabaret artist, dies at 39
1831Traugott Maximilian Eberwein, composer, dies at 56
1845Johannes Simon Mayr, composer, dies at 82
1859John Brown, US abolitionist (Harpers Ferry), hanged at 59
1864Archibald Gracie Jr, Confederate brig-general, dies in battle at 31
1880Josephine Lang, composer, dies at 65
1888Franz Xaver Witt, composer, dies at 54
1888Mehmed N Kemal Bey, Turkish writer/journalist (Vatan), dies at 47
1903Victor Roger, composer, dies at 50
1915Jan Malat, composer, dies at 72
1916Francesco Paolo Tosti, composer, dies at 69
1918Margit Kaffka, writer, dies at 38
1919Henry Clay Frick, built largest coke & steel operation, dies at 69
1923Tomas Breton y Hernandez, composer, dies at 72
1925Julio Garreta, composer, dies at 50
1931Paul-Marie-Theodore-Vincent D'indy, French count/composer, dies at 80
1933Josef Gruber, composer, dies at 78
1935Albert Kessel, 1st to die in Calif gas chamber
1943Nordahl Grieg, writer, dies
1944Filippo T Marinetti, Italian writer (father of futurism), dies at 67
1944JW Ummels, Dutch resistance fighter (House of Saxon-Nazi), dies
1950Dino Lipatti, composer, dies at 33
1953Ernest Hayes, cricketer (Surrey bat played 5 Tests for England), dies
1953Francis Picabia, French painter/illustrator, dies at 75
1957Harrison Ford, silent screen actor (Rubber Tires), dies at 73
1963Sabu Sabu, actor (Jungle Book, Drums), dies of heart attack at 39
1964Roger Bissière, French painter, dies at 76
1965The Rajkumar of Vizianagram, cricketer (Indian Test capt 1936), dies
1966Luitzen [Bertus] Brouwers, Dutch mathematician, dies at 85
1967Francis J "Cardinal" Spellman, archbishop of NY, dies at 78
1969Kliment J Voroshilov, president USSR (1953-60), dies
1970Dora Paulen, German/Dutch cabaretière, dies at about 72
1972Friedrich Christian Christiansen, German Luftwaffe general, dies
1972José Limón, Mexican/US dancer (moor's pavane), dies at 64
1974Sofie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatte, composer, dies at 72
1976William Tannen, actor (Jailhouse Rock, Sitting Bull), dies at 65
1976Danny Murtaugh, baseball manager (Pitts Pirates), dies at 59
1979Vasily Pavlovich Solov'yov-Sedoy, composer, dies at 72
1981Hershy Kay, composer, dies at 62
1981Nicolaas "Cola" Debrot, gov of Dutch Antilles (1962-70), dies at 79
1981Wallace K[irkman] Harrison, US architect (UN), dies at 86
1982David Blue, rocker, dies while jogging in Greenwich Village at 41
1982Marty Feldman, comedian (Young Frankenstein), dies at 49
1983Fifi D'Orsay, "French Bombshell" (Dixie Jamboree), dies cancer at 79
1983Atholl Mckinnon, cricketer (S African lefty spinner in 8 Tests), dies
1985Alex Courtney, actor (Sword of Justice), dies
1985Philip Larkin, [hermit of Hull], English poet, dies at 63
1986Desi Arnaz, actor (Ricky Ricardo-I Love Lucy), dies at 69 of cancer
1986Lee Dorsey, R&B singer, dies at 59
1990Aaron Copeland, composer (Fanfare for Common Man), dies at 90
1990Robert Cummings, actor (Love that Bob), dies of kidney failure at 82
1992Loek Elfferich, Dutch journalist/historian (Treason in Rotterdam), die
1992Gary Mascaro, choreographer, dies at 43
1993Pablo Escobar Gaviria, Colombian drug baron, shot to death at 44
1994Donald John Urquhart, librarian, dies at 85
1994James Norman Dalrymple Anderson, lawyer, dies at 86
1995Francis Joseph Quinn, academic, dies at 90
1995Roxie Roker, actress (Helen Willis-Jeffersons), dies at 66
1995Stanley Devon, photographer, dies at 88
1995[William] Robertson Davies, novelist essayist/dramatist, dies
1996Penelope Jessel, politcal activist, dies at 76

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